Even the super-woke leftist behind Hamilton is no longer woke enough

Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hamilton, regardless of how the naysayers think, has garnered Miranda celebrity status, a Pulitzer, an Emmy, three Tonys, and three Granmy awards, a  powerhouse Broadway runaway smash with ticket prices hitting the stratosphere and a mega-million deal with Disney.  Miranda was flying high, and then...wham! The left, bless their hearts, do not deem Miranda, or his sell-out Hamilton, woke enough.  What's a superstar to do?  For starters, he reminded the lawless monsters that he and his cast dissed Vice President Pence, who had the gall to attend a Hamilton performance in New York.  How classy and brave of them.  (Clearly, Vice President Pence proved to be the classy and brave one.)  He also apologized.    But neither was sufficient.  Not even the fact that the majority of the original  cast comprised "people of color," while the...(Read Full Post)
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