Democrats get ready for a Wellstone funeral for John Lewis

Can the Democrats manage to keep any funeral of an eminent American they consider solely their property classy? 

Thus far, doesn't look like it.

Rep. John Lewis, a notable ally of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s during the days when civil rights work was dangerous, died Friday, and already the thumping can be heard from the Democrats for a Wellstone-style funeral. As in that sorry 2002 episode, the funeral for Lewis won't be about honoring Lewis, it will be about Getting Trump. From there, it won't take long for it to become a foot-stomping political rally, as happened in the case of the late Sen. Paul Wellstone, who died in a plane crash.

You can see all the charming inclusiveness and unity from Democratic vice presidential hopeful Karen Bass here for starters:



So was Lewis an emblem of the Civil Rights movement that reshaped America, or was he just a Democrat? Sounds like he's just a Democrat to the ambitious Bass.

She's not the only one. Here's a random character on Twitter stating what looks logical to Democrats:




Joe Biden? Why Joe Biden? Biden, remember, was the guy who eulogized Sen. Robert Byrd and palled around with Sen. Strom Thurmond, two famous racists. He also called Barack Obama a black man running for president at the time as"bright and articulate and clean,"  - suggesting it was a first! He also told phony stories about taming "Corn Pop" in his youth, told even phonier ones about being detained at Nelson Mandela's funeral, and made grotesque remarks about swimming with inner city children playing with his leg hair, while bringing up cockroaches in his garbled, insentient ramblings. He's also made disgusting stereotypical references to east Indian immigrants and showed general racism in a lot of contexts. Biden to say the least is a very pre-Civil Rights-era Democrat. Now they want him doing the funeral? What could that be about except politics?

Here's another thing -- Democrats, who are so fanatic about locking down the economy to prevent the spread of COVID, suddenly think there should be an exception made for Lewis as with the rioters. That's some hypocrisy they've got going, as if COVID would take a holiday for them, which it won't.


Here's more darts aimed at Trump from the  Associated Press, with its stopwatch aimed at him:



Which is pretty obnoxious, given that the news happened late Friday night when everyone was asleep, it's possible he hadn't even heard it for hours after it happened and Trump's response in fact was timely and appropriate.

Not to be outdone, here's NBC News's own critical angle:



Seems he wasn't quick enough to put condolences out there as fodder for Democrat attack. No mention of the attacks of course.

Here's this bit of mean-spiritedly from a social-justice fixture:



Seems it not about Lewis at this point, or what Lewis achieved, it's about Getting Trump.

Here's another:



What a rabid lunatic. And if Trump gave him exactly what he wanted, you can bet he wouldn't be happy, either.

Lewis himself did begin as an important figure in the Civil Rights movement - certainly not a poseur like the Rev. Jesse Jackson - but he also was pretty partisan himself after he became an entrenched politician, and certainly not above partisan pettiness.

Here's a summary of some recent instances from Rolling Stone:

He refused to attend Trump’s inauguration (as he did George W. Bush’s), skipped both of Trump’s State of the Union addresses, and even boycotted the 2017 opening of a civil-rights museum in Mississippi that Trump attended. The president’s policies are an insult to the people portrayed in the museum, said Lewis, who understands better than anyone the stakes involved as today’s Republicans erode many of the same civil-rights victories that he bled to win.

He certainly was entitled to his opinion, but these kinds of acts could not be called efforts to unite the country, nor were they his finest hour. All the same, as with Confederate statues, the disrespect that Lewis showed for President Trump and his supporters, is not what he's expected to be remembered for. He should be honored for his civil rights work, not his late-life partisan politics. Trump has kept it classy by treating his memory with respect. Democrats in contrast, have been unable to control themselves. For Democrats, Lewis's late-life partisanship is the only the part they seem to like. 

Some Democrats (maybe President Obama) may try to keep it classy for honoring and remembering Lewis when the funeral is held. But based on this start, most Democrats look headed for another Wellstone funeral fiasco. Too bad about Lewis.

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