COVID-19 cases overstated by one hundred percent because of indiscriminate testing

Brief Note: It is a well known principle in statistics that all tests will have some biologic false positives that unfortunately label individuals as being diseased but who are not afflicted. The corona viral dna tests have a reported 4% false positive rate that, when applied to the nearly 50 million tests done so far result in 2 million falsely labelled as having COVID-19.   For some weeks I have been watching the COVID-19 scene with some distress. Brian Joondeph,  a physician and one of the smartest people that I read vaguely hinted at the solution yesterday but didn't really nail it. So, I'm going to make my addition to this article here: Link All tests in medicine have a certain number of false positives, meaning that the test is positive but that the patient does not have the disease.  I found only one published false positive rate for the COVID-19 PCR test. Four percent of tests are thought to be positive but the patients do not have...(Read Full Post)
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