Biden's mass amnesty would destroy the Republican Party

Old Uncle Joe (Biden) recently unveiled the so-called "Unity Plan," the demon seed spawned from his campaign's forced coupling with the socialist-progressive contingent led by his former primary opponent and lifelong pinko Bernie Sanders.  In it is included among other things the long awaited and dreaded "mass amnesty" in which the future Biden administration pledges itself to provide a pathway to citizenship for an estimated 14 million illegal aliens.

The three ideological sects in our society that all equally clamor for this act of gross civic debauchment are (1) the neo-liberals who see this as the harbinger of "open borders" and with them the final triumph of multiculturalism and globalism; (2) the Gramscian socialists who consider this the perfect revolutionary weapon to complete the dissolution of "white" (read: bourgeois) culture; (3) the international capitalists and their myopic libertarian flunkies seeking to satiate their hunger for cheap foreign labor.  The Republican Party is sympathetic to the ideals of the first, terrified of confronting the goals of the second, and held captive to the appetites of the third.

As a result of this (outside some token resistance), the Republican Party will help midwife such an amnesty.  The GOP will attempt to justify this capitulation by pathetically deluding itself into thinking it can somehow win over these newly enfranchised 14 million from their Democratic patrons.  All the superficial tropes about Hispanic immigrants will be trotted out, ranging from their traditional family structures and individual industriousness to their Catholic faith.

The fact that these supposed "natural Republicans" were able to achieve a modus vivendi for decades under the rule of secular-corporatist political parties (e.g., the PRI) in their own homelands will be considered an unwelcome addition to the discussion and so discarded.  The few pyrrhic victories in this arena that have resulted in the Republican Party's (ever loosening) grip over certain peculiar Hispanic immigrant communities (e.g., the Cuban exiles of South Florida) will make the inevitable even more painful by offering a sliver of false hope to a doomed enterprise.

In pursuit of this fantasy, the GOP will give its blessing to the permanent electoral loss of Texas and Arizona via the activation of millions of "sleeper voters" in the border states and the never-ending deluge of Mexican migrants crossing the border with impunity (all with the implicit promise of future amnesties held before them).  To put it simply, the inauguration of a Biden administration means that the Republican Party as currently constituted will never be in a position to win any presidential election worth winning ever again.

It either will be relegated to operating merely at the state/local level or, in order to remain (theoretically) nationally competitive, will castrate itself (i.e., become a socially bland neo-corporatist "loyal opposition" to a socialist Democratic party).  A Trump re-election in 2020 is the only thing that can provide the necessary few years' reprieve for the Republican party to finish re-arming itself ideologically in order to stand a chance at wresting control of the presidency in 2028 from a monstrous and self-entitled left.

Ernesto J. Antunez is a conservative columnist residing in Miami.  He can be reached at or via Twitter at @ejantunez.

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