Are they going to rename the Braves-Indians World Series titles too?

Back in 1948, the Indians beat the Braves, and then the Braves beat the Indians in 1995.

Are they going back and change those titles?  Or will they get the Maris asterisk when he hit 61 in 1961?

The silly season is in full bloom.  Apparently, the Indians of Cleveland are now thinking about changing their name.

They already changed their mascot or that "offensive to some" Chief Wahoo.  I remember a lot of baseball cards with the chief staring at you.  I loved those Indians uniforms, but then I am the kind of guy who does not mix baseball with politics.  I'd rather focus on batting averages and pitchers who throw strikes.

The mascot had been part of the team since 1948, their last championship.  They dropped poor Wahoo in 2018.  Then Wahoo got revenge when the Indians lost again.

Honestly, there are lots of angry Indians fans in the world, but not one ever complained about Chief Wahoo dropping fly balls, striking out with the winning run at second, or losing game 7 to the Marlins.  As far as I know, most of the "expletives" from the bleachers were shouted at the bullpen, not the Chief.

According to news reports, the team used to be known as the Bluebirds, Broncos, and the Naps.

Maybe they can go with Bluebirds, but the fans in Toronto may object to that because their team is the Blue Jays.  Worse than that, the Latin guys are going to find that that name is a bit "girly" or just too feminine.

Maybe Broncos, but I don't remember any history of horses in Ohio.  I can connect Broncos with Colorado but not really Ohio.

Maybe Naps?  What in the world is that?  The Naps sound like a short for Napolitanos, but then someone will cry cultural appropriation, or too much like Columbus.

What happens now that the "wokes" are louder than ever?

Let President Trump win Ohio and the Indians the World Series, and everyone will forget this nonsense.

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