Are Democrats beginning to worry that the riots are hurting them?

By May 27, a mere 48 hours after George Floyd died, hugely destructive riots started in Minneapolis.  The riots quickly spread to other Democrat-run cities in America.  The leftist establishment, whether in politics or the media, initially cheered it on.

The establishment has stopped cheering, though, for it realizes that Americans don't like civil unrest.  A new narrative is developing, one that tries to cast blame on white supremacists, rather than black and white Marxists.

Several cities have seen violence and property destruction for weeks now.  Whether in Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, or D.C., people ostensibly protesting to improve black lives have been torching cars and buildings, looting stores, tearing down monuments, assaulting police officers, blocking roads, dragging drivers out of cars, and murdering people.

What helped drive the violence is the synergy of Antifa and Black Lives Matter.  Antifa is an anarcho-Marxist umbrella organization that encourages violence aimed at destroying America from the inside to rebuild it as a utopian Marxist community.  These people have the brainpower of chickens, but they have a feral intelligence for violence and a recklessness (perhaps drug- or alcohol-fueled?) that makes them quite dangerous.

The result of this synergy is an unwieldy conglomeration of college-educated Marxist blacks who dream of revolution; inner-city black troublemakers along for the ride; mostly white Antifa activists who yearn for violence; and highly neurotic, college-educated white people, who play out their hysterical psychodrama of guilt and redemption.  Only one sixth of the protesters have been black, and 46% have been white.

Up until recently, the leftist establishment narrative has said that the rioters are righteous people anxious to correct America's four-hundred-year-long orgy of racist sinfulness.  The riots, we were told, were "mostly peaceful," and the rioters, we were assured, were good people answering to a higher calling.

To put leftist claims in context, the following video shows the results of the first three days of rioting in Minneapolis.  It looks as if the city, to make its many Somalia-born residents feel more at home, had the place remodeled to look like Mogadishu at the height of its civil war:

It's recently occurred to the left, which thought economic collapse and civil unrest were a winning formula for the election, that Americans aren't particularly happy seeing screaming mobs attack federal courthouses, loot stores, or drag drivers from cars, nor do they want to see a world without police.  The left, therefore, claimed that the violence in Portland, which dated back to the end of May, was all the fault of federal police officers who showed up at the beginning of July.

Leftists have now created another storyline to discharge responsibility for the chaos: it's all the fault of white supremacists.  Police are providing the information behind this narrative, but one suspects they'll do anything to get BLM off their backs.

In Richmond, Virginia, police are claiming that white supremacists started the weekend riots to frame Black Lives Matter.  Andy Ngo, however, pointed out that at least one of those white supremacists is a communist activist, while several others are not white:

Meanwhile, multiple media outlets report that Minneapolis police believe that the first act of violence in that city — a white, masked man in black, carrying an umbrella, who systematically smashed store windows — is a known white supremacist.  That may well be true, although it doesn't excuse any of the violence BLM, Antifa, and fellow travelers committed.

Moral people are not inspired to loot or burn when someone else smashes windows, no matter his race or motive.  Moreover, there is some evidence that the man had a black friend, which makes it less likely that he's a white supremacist.

Of course, given this crazy mixed-up racial world in which we live, it's possible that white people are black (and why not, if men can be women and vice versa?).

By the time the left is done with reframing the riots, the only people who will have acted over the past few weeks will have been black-hating whites.  Or perhaps Dave Chappelle's black white supremacist will have been behind it all.

Image: Facebook screen grab.

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