Anti-Trump Neil Young vs. black Pro-Trump Lloyd Marcus

Dear Patriots. It is time to step up and push back. Neil Young has unleashed a song ripping Trump, “We Got to Vote Him Out.” 

We who love America must fight back with my song, “Trump Train 2020.” 

I fired up audiences by performing my “American Tea Party Anthem” at over 500 tea party rallies and events, my high-energy “Trump Train 2020”  will do the same. It will inspire Americans to jump onboard the Trump Train.

Please help alert the Trump campaign about the, “Trump Train 2020” song. Ask that I perform it at his rallies. Also, spread the music video far and wide.

Marxists have declared war against America. They are pulling out all the stops to defeat Trump in November. If they are successful, we all know our beloved America as founded will be gone forever.

All of us must use our God-given, gifts, talents and intellect to push back to save our country. Help me use my gift for the good of our country by promoting the “Trump Train 2020” song.

Thanks and God bless.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American

Help Lloyd Spread the Truth

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