Another day and another story about a toxic leftist workplace

Tom Wolfe noticed that “The dark night of fascism is always descending in the United States and yet lands only in Europe.” The same can be said about the toxic workplace. Leftist-run workplaces virtue-signal relentlessly about how good they are to their employees, implying that non-leftist workplaces combine the worst traits of salt mines and antebellum plantations. However, fairly consistently, employee allegations about sexual and racial harassment and discrimination almost invariably arise in companies that are aggressively Democrat in outlook. Ellen DeGeneres is the latest target of employee charges about racism and bullying. This is ironic because DeGeneres’s motto is “Be Kind.” Publicly, DeGeneres lives up to that motto. She laudably refused to back down when leftists attacked her for attending a baseball game last fall with former President George W. Bush. Thinking about it, that stance may explain why this reliably left-wing...(Read Full Post)
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