Angela Davis confirms all that conservatives have been saying about Biden

So whodathunk Angela Davis, the Angela Davis, former Communist Party USA vice presidential candidate, former Black Panther, '60s relic, and Mother of Woke Academics, would be the one to confirm what conservatives have been saying all along?

Speaking on the Russian propaganda outlet RT News, in a post that has since been taken down by the chaos-sowing outlet:

This one didn't sow chaos; it created clarity, yasno kak bozhij dyen', as the Russkis say, meaning "clear as God's day," which explains why the Russians pulled it down.

"I don't see this election as being about choosing a candidate who will be able to lead us in the right direction," she said. "It will be about choosing a candidate who can be most effectively pressured into allowing more space for the evolving anti-racist movement."

This is what conservatives have been saying all along, warning for months that Joe Biden is a weak, addle-pated, nearly senile vessel who will serve as a perfect mask for drawing in voters who imagine he's still a moderate Democrat and still sentient.  Fact is, he's got a big extreme political machine behind him, snaking into the void to seize power and set the agenda to a level no witting American would elect if such a wild-eyed agenda were presented openly.

We know it.  They know it.  Now they've said it.  And when would-be tyrants tell you who they are, believe them.  Thanks for the confirmation, Angela.

It's absolutely clear as heck that the far left, the left that is so far-left that Angela Davis approves of it, sees Joe Biden as a perfect little malleable pawn, the palimpsest to graffiti their entire extreme agenda.  He's their pet, he's their toy, just as Davis says.

That agenda includes all of Black Lives Matter's talking points — reparations, defunding the police, abolishing prisons (one of Angela's favorites), cancel culture, as well as destruction of the fossil fuels industry, open borders, government health care, government housing, government education, and taxing every business out of business for a government doesn't end until the real idea, full communism, is enacted.  With Biden the weak, rickety vehicle, yet easily steered, the communists have got a fearsome running start.

It's often noted that the Black Lives Matter leadership have declared themselves "trained Marxists."  With Davis onboard, well, speaking of Marxists...

Davis is the instructor.

Image credit: Screen shot from RT News via Twitter, double-processed with FotoSketcher and PhotoShop by Monica Showalter.

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