A Maoist cultural revolution comes for Seattle's white employees

In Seattle, home to the leftist paradise formerly known as CHOP (which was formerly known as CHAZ), white city employees were "invited" to attend a Maoist abuse session during which they were told they were inherently racist and must henceforth perform thought control to re-orient themselves to correct thinking.  Does that sentence sound over the top?  Well, yes — but it's also entirely accurate.

In a mind-boggling Twitter thread, Christopher F. Rufo introduces Americans to a June 12, 2020, City of Seattle training session entitled "Interrupting Internalized Racial Superiority and Whiteness."  Thanks to a public records request, Rufo was able to obtain copies of the handouts at the training session, although Seattle is currently refusing to produce other information, such as the names of those teaching and the amount they were paid.

As you may recall, Seattle, in a frenzy of woke guilt, declared June 12 a "day of reflection and action" following George Floyd's death.  However, the city decided upon a special way for its white employees to reflect: it emailed employees informing them that there would be "a training on Internalized Racial Superiority tomorrow morning, specifically targeting white employees[.]"

If you're having a hard time reading the small text in the tweeted image, above, the email:

... invite[d] City employees who identify as white to join this training to learn, reflect, challenge ourselves, and build skills and relationships that help us show up more fully as allies and accomplices for racial justice. [snip] White employees are invited to sign up here so we know you’re joining us[.]

The Civil Rights Act makes it illegal to treat people differently based on skin color.  And while the email is framed as an "invitation," it's hard to imagine that white employees supervised by black employees or working closely with black colleagues did not feel coerced into attending the seminar.

According to the materials Rufo obtained, employees who attended the seminar were barraged with material that flat-out called them racist.  The basis for this accusation was simple: their skin color.  If you are white (which includes being Arab, Jewish, Finnish, German, Italian, Armenian, or Irish), you are a racist.

Indeed, one handout explicitly states that almost all human emotions or beliefs are proof that a white person is either elevating his whiteness or denigrating other races:

(See the whole thread at the end of this post.)

For fifty years, Americans have been taught that stereotyping people by their race and, worse, treating them as second-class citizens because of their race is racist.  Now, though, we're in a weirdly inverted Jim Crow South, a world in which racist black eugenicists and sociologists sagely opine that whites are inherently hate-filled, inferior creatures who need to be whipped (a word I use deliberately) into shape.

Having worked his way through the racist Maoist nonsense that the City of Seattle paid for and pressured its white employees to attend, Rufo urges people to fight back: "When you find something like this in your community, expose it, criticize it, mock it, and reject it."

Sadly, so far, few white Americans fight back.  In the upper echelons of corporate America, the people who run the companies have thoroughly internalized the Marxist self-loathing in which they were indoctrinated while at college.  For example, this is what you'll currently see at the homepage for Good Housekeeping, once a magazine dedicated to creating a lovely home for one's family:

Those employees who managed to escape the brainwashing or who never attended college don't protest for a very specific reason: their mortgages.  Or maybe the kids' college funds.  Or possibly the payments on their cars.

In other words, America's middle classes, from working, to lower, to upper, are prisoners of their lifestyles.  They have too many possessions and obligations to risk making a stand.

They may privately gripe about the indoctrination and insults heaped upon them at work, on social media, and even in their middle-class neighborhoods, but they're not going to make a stand.  Doing so risks everything.  It's only the very rich or those unencumbered with family obligations who can afford to push back.

The following is the Twitter thread:

Image: Sampho Tsewang Rigzin and his wife being humiliated and tortured during Mao’s cultural revolution.

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