The left should talk about Chicago rather than changing team names

Talk about messed up priorities. Apparently, Washington, one of the legendary NFL franchises, will retire the name "Redskins" to please people who get angry about stuff like that. Seriously, have you ever met anyone who got that worked up about a team mascot? I will miss thinking of Billy Kilmer and that quarterback controversy with Sonny Jergusen.  Or John Riggings running that long TD and that cool helmet design. Put me down as someone who does not watch NFL games to find something wrong with the team names.  By the way, the Cowboys versus "whatever the new name" rivalry won't be the same.  Yes, there was something about Cowboys and Redskins going at it on the football field.  It won't be the same. As we wait to hear the name change, we are reminded of real stuff happening in Chicago.  This is the latest weekend report: It was another violent weekend across Chicago...(Read Full Post)
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