Why we are being besieged by emails from businesses and organizations bragging about their support for Black Lives Matter/Antifa

Who among us cannot open their email without seeing numerous messages from any company from which we’ve ever purchased something?  Every restaurant that has our email, every museum we’ve ever visited seems to be announcing their unbridled support for Black Lives Matter, as if this will cement our further patronage.  

Why have we not received a single email from any corporation or institution vowing their support for the thousands of victims of the groups' wanton devastation of many hundreds of small businesses who have had their livelihoods destroyed?  Are these self-flagellating business people doing this out of sincere concern for George Floyd’s gruesome death at the hands of one bad cop or are they doing it out of fear for themselves and their enterprises if they don’t get on their knees and confess their undeserved  privilege?  

One can be sure it is the latter.  What is so disappointing is their cowardice in the face of outright thuggery.  What nonsense.  Black Lives Matter, as Tucker Carlson so aptly pointed out, is a cult, a new religion for those who virtue-signal because they crave to be seen as woke.  It’s all pathetic, a sad commentary on the lack of moral and intellectual stamina of far too many Americans.  

It is one thing to see obviously brainwashed young people fall for every lie academia and the media spew.  It is quite another for people who remember the 1960s and all the stupid riots that have occurred in the intervening years to fall for this elite-orchestrated race manipulation of the mindless indoctrinated masses.  Do the rioters who defaced the statue of Gandhi know who he was? Doubtful.  

The left/media has assiduously ignored the seventeen people who have been killed during the riots.  Countless others have been catastrophically injured.  The media do not mention the fact that eighty-nine police officers have been killed in the line of duty this past year.  Thank-you, President Obama and Black Lives Matter for having declared open season on cops.  Make no mistake; Obama set back race relations fifty years in America and he did it knowingly.  

Fomenting racial strife is part and parcel of the leftist agenda.  KGB informant Yuri Bezmenov’s strategy for subversion has been borrowed by our left:  Demoralization, destabilization, crisis, and normalization.  George Soros has spent billions on implementing exactly that plan.  He’s the man engineering the election of far-left attorneys general who are pro-criminal, anti-law and order, like Chesa Boudin, son of two domestic terrorists who was raised by Obama pal Bill Ayers while his parents were in prison.  

Soros, like the Southern Poverty Law Center, is a blight upon this country; both have done terrible damage and intend to continue their campaign to destroy American as founded.  The people funding Black Lives Matter and Antifa with untold millions of dollars are spreading chaos and mayhem.  Far too many businesses and institutions are falling for their obvious manipulation and laughing all the way to the bank.  

Like SPLC, BLM and Antifa have become extraordinarily wealthy thanks to gullible liberals, frightened politicians and hard-core socialists.  Those who donate to these groups have a great deal of blood on their hands and not just from these recent riots.  Their dark arts were present and provocative in Ferguson and Baltimore.  They pay well for violent agitators.  Hillary paid well for those she hired to create altercations at Trump rallies throughout the 2016 campaign.  

All those people who participated in the rioting and looting across the nation are criminals.  They are violent; they are thieves; they are vandals.  They were not acting out for George Floyd, they were opportunistic plunderers.  If in Los Angeles (like NYC), for example, the police had not been told to back off, millions in damage to small businesses may have been prevented, but Mayor Garcetti, like DeBlasio, is a far-left, incompetent wimp.  A week ago, he was praising the police who provide his security.  This week he called them “killers.”  

He needs to go.  So do all the groveling organizations, restaurants, businesses small and large who are on their knees to a domestic terrorist group.  Every email I receive from an obsequious BLM appeaser and donor is a business I will never patronize again.  Any business or organization that vows to raise funds for the thousands of victims of the riots and the looting I will support and cherish.

Americans need to embrace law and order, civil society, and peace.  We will never have peace without law and order.  The notion our police should be defunded is the dumbest rallying cry ever to be proposed by mind-numbed radicals.  Even they on occasion need to call 911 like the rest of us. 

George Floyd died after abuse by a possibly psychopathic cop who should have been fired years ago, based on his record.  The Democrat machine that runs Minneapolis kept him on despite numerous indications that he was a danger to others.  Culpability lies with the Minneapolis police and local government.  He was charged in a previous shooting but no one in the Minnesota Attorney General’s office bothered to prosecute him or remove him from his job.  It’s no wonder that he presumed himself free to abuse his power.  

But one barbaric cop does not indict the many thousands of cops who keep us safe in every city and town throughout the nation.  That he was white and killed a black man does not indict all white people, but that is exactly what BLM wants us all to think.  It’s a big lie, a very big lie, one the media is thoroughly invested in promoting because it’s good for ratings.  That is all they care about.  

The media is a horribly destructive force in America, and they embrace that role with relish.  It is the media that all those corporations gushing their support of BLM fear.  To be labeled “racist” by the media is apparently worse than having your business looted and destroyed.  That is how amoral all these ingratiating emails vowing support for a violent subversive group that behaves like savages strikes normal people.

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