What the public won't see from the journalists campaigning for Biden

In the Washington Post appeared an analysis of what is going right for Biden against Trump.  To summarize: He is leading in polls, sometimes by double digits.  Isn't it amazing how well Biden does in polls when most are skewed heavily toward Democrats and independents even though that is not how the public votes?  Remember, Hillary was leading big through Election Day. Biden is raising lots of money, and then the article admits that Trump has around $100 million more in the bank than Biden. Trump is receiving poor marks on the pandemic.  What a shock, considering he is attacked every day on it while they genuflect to Governor Cuomo, who had the worst results.  Trump was even attacked for issuing the travel ban on China with many journalists and other Democrats, including Biden, calling it an overreaction and several calling it racist and xenophobic.  Trump has chosen to inflame racial tensions —...(Read Full Post)
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