What the public won't see from the journalists campaigning for Biden

In the Washington Post appeared an analysis of what is going right for Biden against Trump.  To summarize:

  • He is leading in polls, sometimes by double digits.  Isn't it amazing how well Biden does in polls when most are skewed heavily toward Democrats and independents even though that is not how the public votes?  Remember, Hillary was leading big through Election Day.
  • Biden is raising lots of money, and then the article admits that Trump has around $100 million more in the bank than Biden.
  • Trump is receiving poor marks on the pandemic.  What a shock, considering he is attacked every day on it while they genuflect to Governor Cuomo, who had the worst results.  Trump was even attacked for issuing the travel ban on China with many journalists and other Democrats, including Biden, calling it an overreaction and several calling it racist and xenophobic. 
  • Trump has chosen to inflame racial tensions — what an absolute crock!  Trump and his supporters have been attacked as racists for five years.  Republicans running for president have been attacked for decades as racists.  Biden and others have continued to misrepresent what Trump said in Charlottesville to gin up racial hate and violence, but Trump is supposedly inflaming racial tensions?  Almost all journalists and other Democrats play the race card because, like Biden, they think they are entitled to the black vote. 

What the public will rarely if ever see is an analysis of Biden's record because it is terrible.  The public will also see very little talk about Democrat policies because they will destroy the U.S. economy and they are mostly unpopular.  Since supposed journalists won't do their job, here is a short summary.

His domestic record:

The Obama administration continually lied to get his signature Obamacare passed.  The results were loss of freedom of choice and skyrocketing health insurance prices.  Why are minorities so vulnerable to COVID-19 after fifty years of government-run Medicaid and almost ten years of Obamacare if government-run health care is so good?

Under Obama/Biden, the U.S. had the slowest economic recovery in seventy years and stagnant wages.  A major question would be why would journalists want to go back to policies that yielded such poor results if they really cared about the poor, middle class, the less educated, the young, the elderly, women, and minorities having opportunities to move up?

The Obama/Biden administration illegally spied on thousands including a presidential opponent.  Do we really want a president who cares so little about peoples constitutional rights? 

On Racism:

The number of blacks killed by white cops is down substantially from 2015 to today.  Here are some of the things we didn't hear in 2015, when the deaths were much higher and when Obama/Biden were in the White House:

  • Obama or Biden called racists and bigots and blamed for the racial hate and division. 
  • People didn't burn down police stations and light the church across from the White House on fire. 
  • Streets were not painted with big yellow letters that black lives matter. 
  • Massive protests demanding defunding of police. 
  • Radicals didn't take over part of Seattle and close down the police station.  (What took the Mayor and other Democrats so long to figure this wouldn't end well?) 
  • Statues weren't torn down in masse.
  • The term "systemic racism." 

Young black men killed by US police at highest rate in year of 1,134 deaths

Final total of people killed by US police officers in 2015 shows rate of death for young black men was five times higher than white men of the same age

The number of black and unarmed people fatally shot by police has declined since 2015

Maybe Kamala Harris and all the black women campaigning for V.P. should be asked what they think of Biden giving a nice eulogy for KKK leader Robert Byrd. 

Vice President Biden Eulogizes Senator Byrd

On Immigration:

In 2006 Biden, like many Democrats, sounded like Trump on the dangers of illegal immigration.  So why wasn't he called a racist and xenophobe.  He was in his sixties at the time.

Here's a Video of Joe Biden Sounding a Lot Like Trump


As for Obama Biden's foreign policy:

  • Obama/Biden loved the dictators.
  • Catered to the Castros and Cuba.
  • Gave kickbacks and rewards to the terrorist tyrants in Iran who pledge death to America.  Maybe Biden could be asked how many people died from terrorism and drug overdoses because of the Obama/Biden huge kickbacks to Iran.

The secret backstory of how Obama let Hezbollah off the hook

  • Did not honor commitment to put missile shields in Poland and the Czech Republic to appease Putin.
  • Refused to give defensive weapons to Ukraine to appease Putin.  Biden's son made huge amounts of money in Ukraine. 

Is it any wonder that there are so many corrupt politicians enriching themselves at the public trough when the media looks the other way at the massive corruption of the Clintons and Biden while supporting them for President? Why don't they care?

The corruption occurring before their very eyes

While Joe Biden and John Kerry were negotiating sensitive diplomatic deals with the Chinese government, on the sidelines stood two new business partners with little expertise in China or even their new field — Vice President Biden's son and Secretary Kerry's step-son. The Chinese were delighted with the deals and for the U.S. making no real issue of China's illegal, brazen creation of a new military base in international waters 

Then — talk about coincidence — the Chinese bestowed upon the two sons unprecedented and incredibly lucrative business concessions. These include a couple of multi-billion-dollar equity deals. How many millions went into the pockets of the sons? It's hidden. And they and their fathers refuse to answer questions about it. 

Joe Biden and John Kerry funneled a few billion dollars to the corrupt government of Ukraine, including having U.S. taxpayers guarantee $1.8 billion in loans. The money flowed through a bank controlled by a controversial oligarch who had been banned from entering the United States. Joe Biden's son teamed up with him, the ban was lifted — and, oh, more than $1 billion of the funds for Ukraine simply vanished from the oligarch's bank.

Had Putin monitor the chemical weapons of Assad and Syria.

It was Obama/Biden and several previous Presidents that continually allowed manufacturing jobs to China. Trump has been fighting to bring them back since he took office.

Why does the media put so much effort covering the unverified book by Bolton and so little on books that are critical of Democrats?

Robert Gates Thinks Joe Biden Hasn't Stopped Being Wrong for 40 Years

"I think he has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades," former Defense Secretary Robert Gates says of Vice President Joe Biden in his new book coming out later this month. Gates' assessment of Biden's boss is only slightly better, depicting an Obama administration with very murky lines of communication on military issues.

Which of the Obama/Biden actions yielded good economic results for the private sector and made the World safer? I can't come up with any.

Proposed policies:

The man three policies I see proposed by Democrats are:

  • Moving towards nationalized health care. 
  • Raising the minimum wage to a higher level than most of the country can bear. 
  • Getting rid of oil products.

All three will devastate the private sector permanently at a multiple much worse than COVID 19.

Biden should be asked a few simple questions:

  • Didn't the virus show how much we need the private sector on health care?
  • Wasn't the original intent of minimum wage and prevailing wage laws to price minorities out of the market?
  • How would we have mobilized medical supplies, equipment and personnel without oil?
  • How would we have a space program without oil?
  • How do we defend ourselves against countries like Russia, Iran and China without oil since they won't give it up?
  • Can you give any scientific data that shows a direct correlation between temperatures and storm activity as they relate to CO2 content, human populations and oil consumption which is the justification to stoop using oil? Hint there is none.

Here are some policy proposals and talking points of Democrats that the public doesn't like:

  • Sanctuary cities and states along with open borders. 
  • Defunding or attacking the police. 
  • Believing that most of us are racists.
  • Being against photo ID's to vote. 
  • Being against vouchers and charter schools,
  • Higher taxes and bigger government. 
  • Abortion on demand at all points in a pregnancy. 

Is it really pro woman and women's privacy to support allowing men and boys who emotionally believe they are female to join them and expose themselves in women's facilities? What about allowing biological males to compete against females in sports?

Is the #MeToo movement sincere when they never gave a damn about all the women Bill and Hillary mentally and physically abused and sought to destroy? They also didn't give a damn about how much Bill Clinton hung around with pedophile Jeff Epstein.

How many women and young girls were mentally and physically abused by powerful men because the media, Hollywood and other Democrats spent so much time supporting the Clintons and intentionally looking the other way?

They also don't care about anyone Biden may have abused because he has a "D' behind his name, and he is the only hope to take out Trump. The women and young girls are disposable.

So, if people want an economy that allows people of all races and sexes to have the opportunity to participate in the great economic experiment of the United States and capitalism vote for Trump.

If people want to move towards economic collapse, socialism and government control of almost all aspects of our lives vote for the people most journalists are actively campaigning for, vote for the clearly incompetent Biden.

The choice is easy.

And remember how easy it is for Biden to lie while making up his life story, exaggerating his college record, lying about knowing about his son's kickbacks from Ukraine and China or lying about what Trump said in Charlottesville.

The media didn't vet Obama or Biden in 2008 as they were constantly attacking Palin and they won't vet Biden or his VP candidate in 2020 as they continue their attacks on Trump and his supporters.

Caricature by Donkey Hotey.