Watching the lunacy at the New York Times, my schadenfreude meter has hit 10

The New York Times used to boast that it carried "all the news that's fit to print."  That slogan has been a lie since at least the 1930s when the Times allowed Walter Duranty to pollute its pages with pro-Stalin propaganda.  It was a lie when it constantly savaged Reagan, when it tried to undermine U.S. military efforts in Iraq, when it pushed hard-left social (and social justice) policies, and when it worshiped nonstop at the Obama altar. Nevertheless, the Times used to try to maintain the fiction that it was an actual newspaper and not just a propaganda outlet for the Democrat party.  To that end, it would occasionally allow Republican politicians to write opinion pieces.  It also had opinion pieces from communists, terrorists, and Islamists, just to show how open-minded it was. With Trump in the White House, though, the editors at the Times abandoned any pretense of journalistic...(Read Full Post)
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