Watch for it: Strange new respect for George Bush as Bush minions form PAC to boost Joe Biden

Do the #NeverTrumps ever stop?

The embittered camp of former President George Bush, a man who never defended himself against the left's demonization of him while he was president, has formed a super-PAC to support Joe Biden.

Former officials from the George W. Bush administration have formed a super PAC to support former Vice President Joe Biden’s White House campaign.

The super PAC, dubbed 43 Alumni For Biden, referring to the 43rd president, was formed Monday, according to a Tuesday filing with the Federal Election Commission.

Karen Kirksey, a former Treasury Department official from the Bush administration, is listed as the group’s treasurer and custodian of records. 

Look for some strange new respect now for this group coming from the left, including the mainstream media, the nuttiest of Democrats in Congress, Hollywood, and the cultural establishment, after more than a decade of yelling garble like "Chimpy McBush is the new Bushitler."

To most conservatives, this is disgusting. 

After all, it's a sellout. Are these people saying they prefer a corrupt-to-the-bone, high-tax, far left, expanding-to-hell woke government, one that will load courts with leftists and rig elections to resemble California's one-party blue-state ballot-harvesting model to eternity so no Republican can ever be elected again, is somehow preferable to the Trump administration, warts and all?

That's what they're saying. The Bush people always did have a soft spot for Biden, who like them, played the lucrative old swamp games. And like the appeasing boobs that they are, they are convinced the great leftist crocodile out there, once given unlimited power, is bound to eat them last.

Bottom line, their formation of this PAC, whatever it is, however much money it has, is going to turn them into a pet on display for the Democrats' coming one-party state should, god forbid, Joe Biden get elected, much the same way the East Germans, and other communist hellholes used to display placeholder 'opposition' parties for public relations purposes abroad, in order to justify those 99% vote tallies.

These unnamed Bushites, whoever they are, are that desperate for respectability from the left. They'll be happy to be propaganda shields for a coming Biden administration to give them that veneer of bi-partisan unity as the Democrats then turn the country into Venezuela.

And the New York Times, the Washington Post, Alyssa Milano, Cher, Mia Farrow, President Obama, Ben Rhodes, and a whole lot of nutty professors out there writing op-ed columns, are going to praise what a wonderful guy Bush was after all.

Mission Accomplished, as Bushitler used to say.

It's immature as heck, a sign that these people not only have no principles, they've got all the emotional depth of tantruming toddlers.

#NeverTrump columnists, such as George Will, have just pledged their support for Biden, too. Will declared that he hopes Republicans lose to Democrats in 2020. It almost sounds like some kind of coordination, no?

It's kind of significant that these people aren't coming out in public just yet, and maybe they never will. Maybe they are few in number. Maybe they are really low-level opportunists who would become figures of fun if their lowly ranks of coffee boy and coat checker and the like were disclosed apart from the grand title of the PAC.

Another thing is the matter of who is paying for this little idiocy. Is it someone who pays a lot, a Soros of some kind? Soros would love to see some placeholder in place so the Democrats can dismantle the country. The big bucks would be an attractive thing for any dyed-in-the-wool swamp thing to sell their soul for, that being a notable swamp game. Biden played it. So did the Bushes. No wonder it seems like such a good idea to Bush camp types

The only losers in this sellout are the American voters, the conservatives who supported Team Bush for years despite their misgivings on some issues. This is the thanks they get.

As for these Bush tools, soon as the respectability and praise start coming from the swamp, and it will, they'll start coming out of the woodwork.

Image credit: Mark Gstohl, via Flickr

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