Was Bubba Wallace just looking for corporate sponsors?

One of the rules of thumb in 2020 America is that, if you hear about a racist incident, you should refrain from commenting for 48 hours.  That's why I kept mum about the claim that a racist hung a noose in a garage space assigned to black racecar driver Bubba Wallace in Talladega, Alabama, the premier NASCAR track. Sure, that might have been what happened, but the story also had a whiff of Jussie Smollett about it.  Alternatively, the story had a whiff of race-based hysteria about it.  I was going to hold my fire until the FBI had a chance to say something. Today, the FBI did have its say, and I'm sure American Thinker readers won't be surprised to learn that no one left a noose in Bubba Wallace's garage space.  This whole furor, which the leftists used to good effect to tar NASCAR and Alabama, was about a permanent knotted cord put in place to open and close the garage door. To appreciate what...(Read Full Post)
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