Rioters in Virginia would have their cops and abolish them, too

With looting black-owned stores starting to become a public relations problem for leftist anti-police protesters, they've returned to their old standby: statue-toppling.

As if directed by some Mighty Integral, statues of Christopher ColumbusRobert E. LeeStonewall JacksonJefferson DavisMohandas GandhiMatthias Baldwin (a Philadelphia abolitionist), Abraham Lincoln, Boy Scouts founder Robert Baden-Powell, father of modern policing Robert PeelCaptain James Cook, and Sir Francis Drake were all targeted for vandalism, removal, or destruction across the U.S., the U.K., and Australia.  Cecil Rhodes apparently escaped only because the protesters didn't know who he was.  The suddenness of this collective madness, so redolent of the Taliban's Bamiyan Buddha destruction or Pol Pot's or Robespierre's bid to erase history and start at zero, is worth a blog post of its own.

One of these incidents didn't work out well for the protesters, and it tells us a lot about the nature of this collective madness.

Here's the toppling:

Here's the aftermath:

And here's the irony:

With a person lying there bleeding with a split skull showing, did the anti-cop protesters call a hippie?  No, they called a cop.

Who showed the value of cops in this age of "abolish the cops"?  The cop who came was engaged in a pretty selfless act, given what the protesters say they would do to him.  He's the opposite of the bad cop in Minneapolis who triggered this round of unrest.  And he was showing them that even as they kept up their "defund the police" yellings. 

Apparently, it took a cop to clear the protesting scrum because the protesters were all so busy gathering around the bleeding, maybe dying man, taking selfies with their cell phone cameras.  So much for empathy or solidarity.  This is the behavior of insects.

It reveals the essential childishness of this anti-cop movement.  Yell as they do to abolish the police, when they need a cop, they call one, and they expect one to come in to serve them. 

It all calls to mind the "confusion and the resentment" described by V.S. Naipaul many years ago, the phenomenon of ayatollahs and third-world intellectuals denouncing gifts of the West such as modern medicine and legal institutions but, the minute they get sick, hopping on the plane to treatment in New York, as if that which they wish to destroy has no connection to their health care or whatever benefit of Western civ they might just need.  They are convinced that if they can just tear down this society, something benevolent and good will remain to take care of them.  They fail to recognize the great nothingness of destroying things in the name of Utopia and the truly ugly picture that follows.

Having one's cops and abolishing them, too works well in la-la land but not so much in reality.