Trump promises things won’t happen on his watch that have already happened

Increasing numbers of us are frustrated with the lack of action from the President in the face of madness sweeping across the country. Here’s a 48-hour snapshot of words with no results. On Wednesday, the President promised Americans that statues of Jesus Christ and the Founding Fathers would be protected from destruction. He noted that the mob had set its sights on statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, among others, and that it was “not going to happen as long as I’m here.” Okay-dokey. So let’s get a couple of simple facts out of the way first. Marxists, anarchists, sociopaths, criminals, foreign actors, and braindead brainwashed college-educated lemmings had already desecrated and toppled statues of Washington and Jefferson by the time the President made his statement. Someone might want to bring that to his attention. (here, here, and here) Thomas Jefferson statue in Portland, OR being torn down (YouTube screen grab,...(Read Full Post)
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