Trump promises things won’t happen on his watch that have already happened

Increasing numbers of us are frustrated with the lack of action from the President in the face of madness sweeping across the country. Here’s a 48-hour snapshot of words with no results.

On Wednesday, the President promised Americans that statues of Jesus Christ and the Founding Fathers would be protected from destruction. He noted that the mob had set its sights on statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, among others, and that it was “not going to happen as long as I’m here.”

Okay-dokey. So let’s get a couple of simple facts out of the way first.

Marxists, anarchists, sociopaths, criminals, foreign actors, and braindead brainwashed college-educated lemmings had already desecrated and toppled statues of Washington and Jefferson by the time the President made his statement. Someone might want to bring that to his attention. (here, here, and here)

Thomas Jefferson statue in Portland, OR being torn down

(YouTube screen grab, cropped)

In light of his statement, he looked clueless and weak as he continued to make tough talk threats via Twitter (a ridiculous medium for the President to use to address matters of great import) with no follow through. None.

Well, perhaps there’s one exception.

When the mob shows up in Washington DC, the (unarmed) National Guard is called in. As it should be. But what about the rest of us dealing with this insanity?

We’re being attacked, and in some cases killed, by evil mobs who roam the streets with impunity, working toward a common goal: the destruction of America.

The madness isn’t just happening in cities. The mob crops up everywhere. (for a couple of examples see here and here; 7:15 mark)

And consistent with communist states, our history is being erased and/or re-written as censorship destroys books, movies, and all manner of communication. Truth-tellers are silenced. Some are punished harshly. An alarming number of people are being fired from their jobs for speaking their minds.

But destruction of one’s career and livelihood is not enough for the insatiable appetite of the mob, as it targets people and threatens to kill their families.

The punishment for living as free-thinking Americans will become even more severe with time – something we’re running out of. 

We watch in horror, fear, and confusion as the police do nothing while barbarians loot, vandalize, desecrate, and burn businesses and public property. They tear down statues, block roads, assault people, attack the police, weaponize fireworks, and commit murder. All the while, they scream obscenities as they rattle off a litany of threats and outrageous demands. (This comes on the heels of watching the police arrest people for the crime of going to work or playing in a park with their children during coronavirus lockdowns. And more recently, as the FBI assigned fifteen agents to investigate the Bubba Wallace non-incident.)

We are shocked, stunned, scared, and disgusted. We expect the government to do its job – and not just any job, but its primary job.

Many have commented that Trump is in a difficult position. If he continues down the road of inaction, he looks weak and ineffective (because he is).

On the other hand, if he takes bold action and upholds the rule of law, he will be vilified, to which I say: so what? He’s vilified anyway. And if he’s intimidated by this, then he has no business being President of the United States.

We need strength, conviction, resolve, and bravery, not someone who seems to be clueless or cowering in fear. Acting out of fear is weak, emboldens evil, and hands the left victories.

We must stand up to evil because it is the right thing to do, the American thing to do, and the only thing that affords us a fighting chance. And we must stand up with real action, and not just words.

Speaking of which, the following day, on Thursday, a leader in the Black Lives Matter movement (aka human shield for Marxists) announced that if their demands aren’t met, they will “burn down this system.”

Using Twitter as him means of communication (ugh), Trump accused this person of treason, sedition, and insurrection.


But only if action follows.

If the Attorney General doesn’t pursue this immediately and with all the legal force possible that can be brought to bear, then we’ll be left with another heap of meaningless words.

Later the same day, Trump called on Republicans to “get tougher with the mobs.”

Sure. That would be a good thing.

But Trump is the president. It looked absurd for him to be acting as if he’s done everything possible, and then some, to put an end to this madness and, oh, as an aside, would appreciate it if others in the party would also step up.

But he’s not being tough. He’s spewing a lot of words that, thus far, appear to have no teeth behind them.

To his credit, he did suggest that those perpetrating violence are “terrorists, in a sense.”

Yes, they are! Not “in a sense.” Can we please stop this sluggish attitude toward this rapid-fire pace reign of terror? We need to treat lawless behavior accordingly. Immediately. And with force.

Every day that strong action on the part of this administration is withheld, evil grows, gains momentum, and takes root in what may be one of the most defining moments in our nation’s history.

We are in a dire situation, and yet, for whatever reason, Trump seems unwilling to do what needs to be done.

The clock is running out as America literally, and figuratively, burns.

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