This is not the French Revolution; it is the acting out of spoiled, ignorant and ungrateful thugs

As Americans watch some of our major cities ravaged by rioting, looting, and the vandalism or destruction of monuments to our nation's past with impunity, it is, for those of us of a certain age, a moment to reflect on the depredations of the French Revolution.  But let us not be confused by the differences. The French Revolution took its cues from our own Revolutionary War for independence from England, but theirs went all wrong.  The devastatingly poor of Paris were well and truly abused by the Parisian aristocracy.  They were treated as less than human. Of course, the British aristocracy thought the same of the American colonists, but they were by an ocean removed, and the colonists were made of sterner stuff than the Brits sent to defeat them for England. The Jacobins of France in 1789 had good reason to set about murdering their abusers and got rabidly carried away, killing by guillotine every member of the aristocracy they...(Read Full Post)
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