There's an ugly cynicism lurking behind the Black Lives Matter movement

In America, woe betide anyone who dares to say that "all lives" rather than just "black lives" matter.  There is an ash heap behind Black Lives Matter headquarters on which lie the rotting carcasses of those foolish enough to say that "all lives matter."

A viral video, however, shows that the contention that, for Democrats, the mantra that "black lives matter" is a slogan without substance.  The video (scroll down to view) shows white health care workers massed in front of an unnamed medical center.  Many of them hold signs supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.  This is a woke white crowd that's signaling its virtue.

In the video, an unseen man with a stentorian bass voice — a man who is almost certainly black himself — asks the healthcare workers, "Do all black lives matter or just some black lives?"

The health care workers, like the well trained useful idiots they are, enthusiastically repeat back to him, "All black lives matter."

He has another question for them.  "The black lives killed by black men matter, right?"

There's a moment of stunned silence, and then some scattered voices say, "Yes."

The unseen questioner reiterates, "Yes?"

The assembled white workers, more sure of themselves now, answer, "Yes."

As the health care workers grapple with the question of black-on-black crime, which accounts for 93% of all black homicide victims, one woman positions herself at the front of the group.  She kneels, carefully holding a sign that, while difficult to read, seems to say something about "white" people supporting black lives.  Then, the unseen man springs the 15.5-million baby question:

"The black babies killed in the abortion clinics matter, right?"

The response is dead silence.

The man intones, "Thought so."

The kneeling woman looks back at her colleagues for support, and then awkwardly stands up and sidles her way back to them.

But the interlocutor is not done.

"The black officers killed by that bastard in Minnesota, that matters too, right?"

The assembled workers have their rhythm back.  "Yeah."  "Yes."  They're no longer a tight chorus, but they know their answer.  So the man rocks them off balance again.

"But the black babies that are killed in the abortion clinics don't matter, do they, medical people?"

A lone female says, "Their moms matter."

The man is having none of it. "Do their lives matter?"

The health care workers mumble inaudibly.

"Does the future of our black babies matter?"

Again, a woman says, "Their moms matter."

"Huh?  What's up?  What's up?  Awful quiet now, aren't they?  Uh-huh.  It's okay if we kill them in the womb, right?  But you have a problem when we — but you don't really seem to have a problem when we kill them on the streets."

"It's a separate issue," says a man.

The interlocutor overrides that idea.  "Yes, but we know that they're the same issue.  If we don't respect the lives of our unborn children enough to save them and fight for them, our lives mean nothing once we're born."

And that's the bottom line, isn't it?  For white Democrats, as the nominally Catholic Nancy Pelosi put it, abortion is "sacred ground."  All those white indoctrinated college grads have been taught that their "white man's burden" is to encourage black people to dispose of their inconvenient futures.  Doing so will raise up blacks, especially women.  Except that's not what's happened since abortion became legal.  Too many black communities are economically stagnant, despite all the abortions.  And sadly, blacks are disposing of that future by the millions.  Here are the data just for Georgia:

According to recent Centers for Disease Control (CDC) statistics, while African-Americans constitute 32.2 percent of Georgia's population, 62.4 percent of abortions in Georgia are performed on African-American women. By contrast, whites constitute 60.8 percent of the Georgia population, but only 24.7 percent of abortions were performed on white women. Even pro-abortion groups like the Guttmacher Institute admit that "black women are more than 5 times as likely as white women to have an abortion."

How can young black people feel that their lives have value if women in the community dispose of their pregnancies as casually as old shoes?  And do all those virtue-signaling white leftists who are single-issue voters — with abortion being the issue — genuinely believe that black lives matter, or is that just a cynical ploy to ensure an endless supply of compliant Democrat voters?

At day's end, even as Democrats are parroting that "black lives matter," the reality is that they're making it clear that, while blacks may matter at the polls, otherwise, they mostly don't matter at all.

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