The virus and protests have accelerated the corporate push for American fascism

For America's first 200 or so years, corporations wanted to operate free of government restraints, believing that those restraints interfered with profits and innovation.  In the last two decades, though, guided by a massive influx of mid- and upper-level employees steeped in college Marxism, corporate America has decided that the government is its best friend and is working in concert with the media and the Black Lives Matter movement to squeeze ordinary Americans.  J.D. Vance, the author of Hillbilly Elegy, expanded on this profound and un-American problem in a conversation with Tucker Carlson.

One of the modern left's most spectacular tricks has been to make people believe that the Nazis were "right-wing."  They were, in fact, left-wing, and their political system was a form of crony socialism.

The Nazi party's full name was the "National Socialist German Workers' Party."  Where Nazi Germany differed from a hardcore communist country was that the government didn't nationalize the means of production.  It allowed businesses to stay in private hands — as long as they were ultimately subordinate to the state.

The socialist system the Nazis used is "fascism."  The fascist form of socialism originated in 1920s Italy under Benito Mussolini.  Mussolini defined socialist fascism as "all within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state."

The reason leftists got away with re-defining Nazism as an ideology allied with liberty-oriented conservatism, rather than socialist Democrats, is that Hitler eventually attacked the Soviet Union.  The Democrat party syllogism is that, if communism is "left" and Hitler went to war against the communists, then fascism must be "right," and "right-wing" politics must, therefore, be evil.  The reality is quite different.

Hitler hated communism, not because it was the opposite of his fascist socialism, but because it was too similar.  Both systems agreed that the government should control the economy and how people thought and acted.  Had Hitler avoided his monomaniacal nationalism and race-based insanity, which led to world war and genocide, Nazism would have been just another oppressive government in a world filled with totalitarian systems.

In America, we're seeing our own version of big businesses allying with the party of total government because they see it as a way to increase profits.  That's where the J.D. Vance interview comes in:

In the interview, Vance points out that big businesses, thanks to their manic virtue-signaling, have been squarely behind the riots.  (The same analysis, by the way, applies to the lockdowns, which have devastated small businesses, while strengthening the big ones.)

If you think about a business, black-owned or white-owned, that was destroyed in a riot over the last few weeks, who gets richer from that?

We know that Amazon has a little bit more market share. And so Jeff Bezos makes a little bit more money. If you think about what prevents new businesses from coming online and competing with those mega-corporations that rule our financial world, well, every time a small business gets denied for a loan, every time a small business goes out of business, that's obviously good for the folks who run our corporate culture.

And at the end of the day, what are we not talking about right now that we should be talking about? We're not talking about the opioid epidemic, which kills 70,000 people still in this country. We're not talking about concentrated financial power, which is the biggest problem that white and black middle-class Americans face today.

America's biggest corporations are siding with the party of big government because, as the Nazi-era companies discovered in the 1930s, having the government send customers your way, and squish your competition, is a much easier way to guarantee profits than to have to rely on the free market.  We saw this trend develop during the Obama administration when it was picking winners and losers with the stimulus (remember Solyndra?) and attacking businesses it deemed politically troublesome.

This government-partnership profit motive syncs well with the current mid- and upper-level management in American corporations: people who graduated from colleges that have become harder left with every passing day.  Upper-level managers who graduated from college in the 1970s and 1980s are supervising radicalized recent college grads who are aggressively pushing the corporate culture to the left.  The younger generation still wants the profits, but its values are in alignment with the equally radicalized Democrat party.  Fascism is the perfect fit.

Trump has been trying to defeat this trend by cutting regulations and encouraging businesses to break free of government.  However, leftists in the media and politics, driven both by their leftist ideology and their indebtedness to the communist Chinese, have been pushing hard in the other direction.

Just to make things a little more unnerving for you, this time around, unlike the last time around (from 2008 through 2012), the Democrats have managed to throw violent racist animosity into the mix.  It's up to the Normal Americans (as Kurt Schlichter calls us) to start supporting small businesses and not big corporations, and to pull together as one people, regardless of race, rather than allowing this generation's leftists to use racial scapegoating as a path to tyrannical political power.  As we know, that path never ends well for anybody.

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