The Supreme Court versus Common Sense

For many years, Americans who love this country and revere the Constitution have longed for a Supreme Court dedicated to upholding the Constitution.  Instead, year after year, America and the American idea have been under attack by the Court.  The attacks have been getting closer and closer to home.  In Kelo, the Court did the unthinkable: it ruled that you don't really own your own home, ruling that the government can take your home from you against your will in order to make way for development that will bring it increased tax revenue. A constantly renewed majority on the Court has made it clear that it does not share your understanding that the Court exists to protect our rights as American citizens against government's natural tendency to overreach and deprive us of our rights.  Instead, the Court regularly rules in favor of governmental overreach.  The recent DACA ruling is only the latest in a long series of rulings...(Read Full Post)
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