The riots are about the suffocating lack of opportunity in the Welfare State

The riots are not about race, slavery, history, or culture.  The riots are about lack of opportunity in the Welfare State.  And they are right to be about that.

What if I, as a government representative, had a wonderful deal for you, a young family of four who felt you were living hand-to-mouth with about $40K in income from the dad's job and who wanted a better life?  I would promise to fund the family with goods and services from government poverty programs worth in aggregate about $40K, if in return the family income stayed below the federal poverty level of about $25K.  What would you do?  As rational economic actors, the math is pretty straightforward: together the family makes $40K, while apart they make $80K, so the family would decide for the dad to go his way while the mom and the two kids would enter the federal poverty programs.  The reason is simple: apart they earn more.

And what goodies these programs contain!  There are 79 of them (means tested social welfare programs) to choose from:

  • 12 programs providing food aid
  • 12 programs funding social services 
  • 12 educational assistance programs 
  • 11 housing assistance programs
  • 10 programs providing cash assistance 
  • 9 vocational training programs
  • 7 medical assistance programs
  • 3 energy and utility assistance programs
  • 3 child care and child development programs

What a great deal.  So what happens to our family?  The mom and kids sell the car, leave their apartment in the suburbs, and move into the Big City to be nearer to the government offices that administer the means-tested social welfare programs, while they live in a federally subsidized housing development and depend on public transportation to get around, with public schools, public food assistance, public day care, and public health care.  The dad moves to another state to follow his job, and eventually, he gets a girlfriend, so the family hardly ever sees him again.  You know the rest: the kids grow up wild because absent fathers breed mayhem.  The mom eventually learns she has become trapped in a Welfare State, unable to find a job in the blighted inner city, spending her days traveling among government offices to maintain, change, update, and expand her family's means-tested social welfare benefits.  Worse, they find that the Welfare State has become an endless cycle of dependency and poverty that breeds only hopelessness and despair.  To salve her conscience, she comes to believe that her situation is structural and beyond her control.  That is what she teaches her kids.

The important point here is that this happens to families of all races and creeds.  This is because the Welfare State, which ensnares human beings in its net and sucks the life out of them, is only a collection of color-blind laws, rules, and regulations written by liberals with high-minded ideals.  But, like many well intentioned liberal programs, these create the problems they were meant to solve.

Getting back to our family, after several generations, life in the Welfare State becomes a permanent gray existence where improvement and moving up the ladder of success is simply impossible.  As the world outside the Welfare State improves, and as people outside the Welfare State become wealthier and happier, those inside the Welfare State see themselves falling farther and farther behind.

Herein lies the paradox of America.  For, in effect, the Welfare State is a communist state — everything its citizens touch belongs to the government.  There is no choice, either, for citizens in the Welfare State can vote for only one party: Democrat.  This is because Democrats built and champion the Welfare State and seek to expand it, thus the suffering minions who inhabit the Welfare State can follow only them.  The paradox of America, then, is that within our great country lies a communist state, constituting almost one fifth of our population, or about 60 million people, the Welfare State, sitting in the hearts of our Great Blue Cities and States, the second largest communist state in the world after China, and whose Welfare State citizens have no choice, no property, and no freedom.  No life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness.

Welfare State citizens have no understanding of democracy or free enterprise, either.  These concepts are foreign.  And so, in their frustration and anger, they revolt.  Some white Welfare State citizens join Antifa, and some black Welfare State citizens join BLM.  Then, when there is an opportunity, they riot, and they burn, and they destroy any and all property and monuments of the democratic, free-enterprise America that they hate and envy and do not understand.

Blacks blame "structural racism."  Whites blame "fascists."  Both are wrong.  It is lack of opportunity in the Welfare State.

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