The party that bore false witness against Trump to destroy him should not pretend they care what the Bible says

Democrats such as Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Andrew Cuomo, and others who support abortion on demand should never invoke the Bible in their attacks on anyone.

Do they not understand the commandment that says, "Thou shall not murder"?  They say they care about all human lives, so why not babies'?  Where is the empathy?  But then there is this:

Trump's and Biden's Church Visits Could Have Happened on Different Planets

The former vice president ripped Trump for his violent Bible stunt. "I just wish he opened it once in a while instead of brandishing it," Biden said.

...and this...

Gov. Cuomo quotes Bible during briefing in shot at Trump 'photo op'

What is this, a banana republic?' There is also this: 

Pelosi unloads on Trump over tear-gassing of protesters outside White House

"If you're going to hold up a Bible and stand in front of a church, then your message should be consistent with that Bible and those values. And of course, it was not," she said.

Why is there no outrage by the media, entertainers, and other Democrats that Planned Parenthood (PP) kills black and brown babies at a higher rate than their percentage of the population, especially since PP's founder was a racist who wanted birth control and eugenics to build a "cleaner" race.  Why don't we have quotas on the number of babies aborted of each race, since the Democrats always support quotas?

A party that considers Planned Parenthood as essential while closing and intentionally destroying churches and other charitable organizations over the coronavirus fiasco should never invoke the Bible or pretend it cares about freedom of religion and the First Amendment.

The party that is soft on looters should not invoke the Bible since it says thou shall not steal.

The party that continually seeks to confiscate additional property and money from the wealthy and always invokes class envy should not invoke the Bible that says, "Thou shall not covet" thy neighbor's house or anything else.

Journalists and other Democrats who have continually lied about Russian collusion, Trump being a racist, what Trump said in Charlottesville, about rubber bullets and tear gas being used to disperse a crowd, to destroy Flynn, to destroy white Christian schoolboys from Kentucky, to destroy Judge Brett Kavanaugh, and many other things the last four years in order to destroy Trump and elect Democrats should never invoke the Bible.  After all, the Bible says: "Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor."

The party that supported Bill and Hillary no matter what they said or did should never claim that it cares about the Bible's teachings.  Maybe the Democrats could list which of the Ten Commandments Bill Clinton obeyed.  The list would be short.

Nothing that has gone on the past four years, including the violence and riots today, has anything to do with equality, racism, or systemic racism.  Everything has to do with getting Trump out of the White House and getting leftist Democrats in power.

Biden has been in D.C. approximately fifty years, including eight in the White House, so why wasn't systemic racism taken care of then if he is the solution.

Trump got criminal justice reform done in his first three years.  Why didn't Obama/Biden get it done in 2009/2010, when they had complete control of Congress, if it was important to them?

Trump's policies pushed blacks' and other minorities' employment to record levels and got wages moving up rapidly for those at the bottom.  During the Obama/Biden years, their policies gave us the slowest economic recovery in seventy years and stagnant wages.  So why would the solution be to go back to bigger government if the goal was to help minorities move up?

Heather Mac Donald has an article showing that racism among police is not systemic, but the media and other Democrats don't care about facts.

The Myth of Systemic Police Racism

Why didn't reparations to blacks come up when Obama/Biden were in charge and when Democrats had complete charge of Congress in 2009/2010 if it is a priority?  It appears that Democrats clearly want to use reparations as a "talking point" when they are trying to bribe blacks to vote for them instead of being serious.

Why didn't Antifa and others protest and destroy the Confederate statues during the Obama/Biden years if they were so oppressive and racist instead of waiting for a Republican to be president?

A party that intentionally keeps so much of the economy shut down after seeing good results in states opening has no empathy and invites chaos and riots from people who have nothing else to do and who have lost their jobs.

The party that has been in charge of most big cities for decades, had the White House for 28 out of the last sixty years, and has had significant majorities in Congress most of those years has intentionally kept minorities poor and dependent on government instead of having policies to help them move up.  That party should never talk about empathy and pretend that now they are the solution.  Like Biden, they believe they are entitled to minorities' votes and will use talking points in attempts to bribe them.  Minorities should look at how the Democrats policies have held them down, including encouraging the breakup of families, when they vote instead of believing their empty policies.  Why would anyone trust Democrats who have destroyed their cities to be the solution?

Moving toward bigger government will further harm the poor and minorities.

The choice is simple: if minorities want a chance to move up the economic ladder vote for Trump.  If they want themselves and all their future generations to be dependent on government for their food, housing, and a minimal amount of spending money, vote for the people that most of the media campaign for, including Biden.

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