Lefties say the Original Sin of whites is racism

The doctrine of "Original Sin" is the Christian belief that all humans are born in a state of sin inherited from Adam and Eve, who rebelled against God when they ate the forbidden fruit.  Original, or Ancestral, Sin is explained as "that sin and its guilt that we all possess in God's eyes as a direct result of Adam's sin in the Garden of Eden."

Adapting that definition to the "original sin" of racism in the context of America's history, it says, "that sin (racism) and its guilt all white people possess in the Left's eyes as a direct result of the sin (slavery) of the first white settlers in America."

Perhaps lost to American viewers of the mayhem following the death of George Floyd is the subtle message that white Americans are racist because they are white.  Terms like "white privilege" are used to convey that the system is rigged in favor of whites because they are inherently racist.  In the mind of the left, whites are racists because their ancestors were.

How does the left do this?  One way is with the historical reference of "400 years."  It is a reference to the first permanent colonial settlement in Jamestown, Va. in 1619.  The English who landed in Jamestown and established their colony brought with them their slaves.  The transporting of slavery to the new land is the "original sin" of America, of which all whites are guilty.

In his eulogy at George Floyd's memorial service, Reverend Al Sharpton used this reference.  "George Floyd's story has been the story of black folks.  Because ever since 401 years ago, the reason we could never be who we wanted and dreamed of being is you kept your knee on our neck," Sharpton said.

USA Today recently published an article by Wenei Philimon entitled "Not just George Floyd: Police departments have 400-year history of anti-black racism."  In the piece, she cites several professors who mention "slave patrols" and the Ku Klux Klan as the forerunners of modern-day police bias and abuse against blacks.  Criminal justice professor Jennifer Cobbina of Michigan State says, "Too often people look at the contemporary issue, the issue that is going on right now but not understanding that all that is happening is steeped in 400 years of legacy of injustice."

Furthermore, according to the left, a white person does not have to make racist remarks or commit acts of racism to be a racist because whites are implicitly racist; they inherited their racism from their ancestors.

In a 2015 article "Yes, All White People Are Racists — Now Let's Do Something about It," Tim Donovan states, "People generally become racists in our minds by engaging in actions or deeds we've deemed as such[.] ... But what if that perception is inherently wrong?  What if Americans — of all races, but especially white Americans — don't deserve the benefit of our doubt?"

Whites "don't deserve the benefit of the doubt" as to whether they are racists; they are because of their skin color.

This attitude is what fuels the angry rhetoric of protesters across the nation and their hostility toward the police.  Since the demonstrators began marching, they have increased their demands.  They want no longer to reform the police, but to defund them.  Many mayors, governors, and city councils are seriously debating that move.  On June 7, the Minneapolis city council pledged to dismantle the city's police department.

Sadly, many whites, including police officers, have accepted the premise that they are inherently racist.  Either because they are leftists themselves driven by white guilt, or they want to convince their accusers that they are not racist.  They eagerly kneel before the protesters and admit to their bigotry.  In one bizarre display of repentance, white police officers in Cary, N.C. washed the feet of black religious leaders "and prayed for forgiveness for the sins of their ancestors who for centuries enslaved, mistreated and oppressed African Americans."  But will they be forgiven?

In Christianity, a person can obtain forgiveness and salvation from original and personal sin through faith in Jesus Christ.  But no amount of faith, apology, or remorse can mollify the left.  Leftists manifest an unforgiving spirit toward white people over the legacy of racism in America.  Despite efforts by whites to "atone" for their sins — the abolition of slavery, desegregation, civil rights reform, affirmative action, and the removal of "racist" symbols like the Confederate flag — the left continues to accuse them of being racists.

The left is bent on tearing down the institutions and history of America's founding and transforming the country into a socialist utopia in which leftists rule.  Protests against racism and demands for justice are just a smokescreen for their radical agenda.  Freedom-loving people of all colors and races must stand together in unified opposition to the extreme ideology of the tyrannical left.

Kurt Paquette is a freelance writer based in Massachusetts.  Follow him on Twitter at @kurtpaq.