The Democrats built that

Remember Obama's snarky, condescending comment: "If you've got a business, you didn't build that"?  It wasn't true then, and it isn't true now.  Yes, collectively we have all paid for infrastructure, but only the investor risks money sunk into building brick-and-mortar structures or platforms for hosting an online presence.  Only the owners put in endless work hours, mortgage their homes, and max out their credit cards, if required, to keep their businesses afloat.  Only the student puts in the stress, time, effort, and funds it takes to obtain an education or pursue professional degrees. 

Obama was plugging the Democrats' big government meme that only government can make you, get you out of trouble, pay you, take care of you.  While Obama was putting the country on the defensive, he was openly criticizing and apologizing for America and arduously whacking away at her foundations.  His minions have picked up his traitorous methods of braying, lurching, and terrorizing to advance his and their Marxist agenda. 

While Republicans and Democrats in Congress are battling over dueling police reform bills, why haven't the squishy Republicans said, "Stop in the name of the law"?  Local law, that is.  Clearly, there can be basic federal standards governing the police.  However, most professionals such as teachers, lawyers, electricians, plumbers, beauticians, barbers, judges, and architects, to name just a few, are governed by state and local laws.  Police, firemen, and other first responders are, should be, and must be governed by city and state regulations. 

In Philadelphia, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, New York City, D.C., and Minnesota, the mayors are Democrats, as are the chiefs of police.  They have been in power for a long time.  If there are systemic problems in these cities, the Democrats built that.

In these same cities, if there is systematic racism, the Democrats built that.

In these same cities, if there is systemic black poverty, with concomitant substandard housing, and disparate medical services, the Democrats built that.

In these same cities, if there are sanctuary cities with protected high illegal populations who depress wages and drain services, thereby perpetuating the city's ever expanding poverty level, the Democrats built that. 

In these same cities, if substandard education exists, being doled out in crumbling, dangerous school buildings, the Democrats built that. 

In these same cities, if the young people are taught that America's history is all negative, and all white people are racist and evil, Democrats built that.

In these same cities, if you are in trouble and you call the police because your life is threatened, or a woman is being raped, or your house is burning down, and they don't respond — the Democrats built that. 

In these same cities, if you are an observant Jew, banned from religious services and sacred funeral gatherings, while thugs, looters, and arsonists ravage your streets, the Democrats built that.

In these same cities, if the police are disbanded from protecting the citizens and protecting the public schools, the Democrats built that. 

From Obama's denigration of America, his political ads for a "big daddy" big-government substitute for individual responsibility and familial support, and his mocking American values of religion and patriotism, to Hillary Clinton's book, It Takes a Village, and the thugs tearing down statues and destroying large swaths of city streets, Marxism is on the move and on the march. 

One looks at young people, screaming foul language at police lines, their veins popping and their rage uncontrolled, and one sees the utter emptiness, brainwashing, and cultural misappropriation that the Democrats have built. 

How will it end?  Surely not by corporations racing to genuflect before Black Lives Matter and the utter nonsense that is the new anti-American meme of the day: all whites are racist, and if you deny that you are, that doubly means you are a racist.  Just ask the author, the very white snowflake Robin DeAngelo, who wrote this drivel in her New York Times bestseller White Fragility

The pushback must start soon.  What in heaven's name are we waiting for?

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.

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