Stocks are reacting badly to a leftist takeover of a major city, not a few new COVID-19 cases

Instead of blaming a significant domestic terrorist takeover of a major city for a stock market collapse Thursday, the pundits and analysts are continuing their three-month-long talking points about COVID-19 to scare the public. They say we are worried about a second surge. The terrorist takeover of Seattle, a city with many large corporate headquarters, is hardly covered at all. That's a far more major reason. The market fell more than 6% overall but Boeing, a huge company with major activities in Seattle, fell 12%. Think there was no connection? Radio/television host Hugh Hewitt asked NBC's puppet Chuck Todd what was more important, the Seattle takeover or COVID-19. Like a dutiful dog, Todd said COVID-19 because that is what the left wants the public to think. Truth hasn't mattered for a long time. Look how they bury the massive stories of corruption of the Obama Justice department. To show how little reporting by...(Read Full Post)
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