Stocks are reacting badly to a leftist takeover of a major city, not a few new COVID-19 cases

Instead of blaming a significant domestic terrorist takeover of a major city for a stock market collapse Thursday, the pundits and analysts are continuing their three-month-long talking points about COVID-19 to scare the public. They say we are worried about a second surge.

The terrorist takeover of Seattle, a city with many large corporate headquarters, is hardly covered at all. That's a far more major reason. The market fell more than 6% overall but Boeing, a huge company with major activities in Seattle, fell 12%. Think there was no connection?

Radio/television host Hugh Hewitt asked NBC's puppet Chuck Todd what was more important, the Seattle takeover or COVID-19. Like a dutiful dog, Todd said COVID-19 because that is what the left wants the public to think. Truth hasn't mattered for a long time. Look how they bury the massive stories of corruption of the Obama Justice department.

To show how little reporting by major networks there was of the problems in Seattle, Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington said it was news to him. That should give Washington residents great confidence in his governing ability.

As for COVID-19: Every day the media hypes up the number of deaths and cases. Today the big number is that there have now been two million cases in the U.S or a whopping six tenths of one percent of the population, despite massive testing. The two million includes people who were tested who have no symptoms. The two million is an average of around 20,000 per day for the last 100 days. To put the two million in perspective, I read that there were 60 million cases of the swine flu in the U.S. and there were no daily dire reports. CDC did not dictate that any death remotely associated with swine flu be attributed to swine flu. How many deaths would have been attributed to swine flu if the rules had been the same?

As for a spike because of reopening: Through May 17th there were 1,480,000 known cases in the U.S and today, 25 days later, we have two million or around 20,000 additional cases per day. So where is the spike?

The number of lies we continue to be told about COVID-19 is astonishing with the media just repeating the lies to scare everyone into submission.

We were told the lie that people with no symptoms could easily spread the disease with no scientific evidence that it was true. That is why the economy was destroyed and why we wear masks, we social distance, and we must gather in small groups.

We were told the lie that the disease would easily spread from surfaces even though there was no scientific evidence that was true.

We have continuously been told that states without severe restrictions were going to have a spike and bad results. That is factually not true, but the lies persist.

When states were reopening, we were told, without scientific evidence, that by the end of May we would have 3,000 deaths per day and 200,000 cases per day. Those made-up predictions were repeated by the media as if they were factual, with no questions asked, all to scare the public into submission and to keep the economy in depression. There has been no significant spike in Georgia, Florida and most other states that reopened earlier. The prediction on cases was 900% too high. And deaths were 200% too high. Why are modeling numbers on anything treated as factual?

When the Republicans beat the Wisconsin governor in court to prevent his dictatorial, tyrannical discriminatory closures, we were told that cases would spike in Wisconsin. They did not, so why do journalists hide those facts from the public?

When there were crowds in Missouri on Memorial Day weekend, we were told there would be spikes, but there were not.

Facts haven’t mattered to the media throughout the reporting on COVID-19. Only the agenda to trash and beat Trump matters to them.

As for racism:

Why don’t journalists and other Democrats list all the policies that Obama/Biden enacted in their eight years to help the inner cities and to lift blacks and other minorities up instead of continually making them more dependent on their masters, the power-hungry politicians? I can’t think of any.

I also fail to see any policies the Democrats are proposing to lift up everyone in the private sector. That would especially help the poor, middle class, the less-educated and women of all races.

Why do Democrats defund school choice for minorities when polls show that a significant plurality of minorities supports vouchers?

Democrats have run these major cities and their police departments for decades, so why didn’t they solve the problems? Why is Trump blamed when the problems have existed for a long time? Why would Biden, after fifty years in D.C., suddenly be and have the solution?

If journalists, entertainers, and rioters really cared about racism, they would propose getting rid of any reference to KKK leader Robert Byrd, who was a leading Democrat in the Senate. We would have also seen massive riots while Obama was president if the Confederate statues were so offensive. Somehow, they're only offensive when Trump is president.

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