So the rabid-left mob wants to tear down the statue of Lincoln paid for by freed slaves?

The attacks on statues and public art in the U.S. are horrible stuff, a Taliban-like effort to erase American history and deprive the nation of its past, its heroes, and the sense of exceptionalism that comes from it. It's a vile trend that America's enemies can only envy for not thinking of first: Erase American heroes, erase the entire American story as its participants told it, and leave only the ignorance, lies, and gibberish of the angry left positing that there's nothing good about this country. The latest threat to a statue of Abraham Lincoln in a Washington D.C. park, positioned with a freed slave at his knees, is especially despicable. The statue has a Victorian sensibility, showing a slave on his knees with broken chains looking up to Lincoln in gratitude, which gets the message out in a literalistic way that the freed slaves were grateful to Lincoln. It's...(Read Full Post)
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