So George Will wants Joe Biden to pick the next Supreme Court justice?

Back in 2016, I did not support then-candidate Donald Trump.  However, he was nominated, and then I had to choose between Hillary Clinton and him.

It was an easy decision because I knew he'd make better judicial selections than Clinton.

What in the world is George Will thinking?  This is from a recent article:

Presidents seeking reelection bask in chants of "Four more years!" 

This year, however, most Americans -- perhaps because they are, as the president predicted, weary from all the winning -- might flinch: Four more years of this? 

The taste of ashes, metaphorical and now literal, dampens enthusiasm.

Sorry, Mr. Will, but my enthusiasm is just fine.

Will's problem is that he hates President Trump so much that he is willing to throw the baby out with the bath water.

Would a Biden presidency make George Will happier?  What happens when President Biden nominates judges or reimposes all of those executive orders?  Or when he brings up the Iran nuclear deal or the Paris Climate Change Accords?

Worse than that, what happens when President Biden can't function because the left wants to defund ICE or the police?

Once upon a time, I loved watching George Will every Sunday morning.  I used to set my VCR to record him.

At this moment, I would love to see Will write another wonderful baseball book and stop writing about politics.

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