Shutting down CHOP: Seattle's leftist mayor now up to her keister in alligators

Where do liberals get the idea that if you just talk nicely to warlords, expropriators, pirates, and invaders, they'll do what you say? That's the approach Seattle's Trump-hating mayor, Jenny Durkan, took, and she's about to learn the hard way how that works, except that she doesn't learn. She called for the shutdown of CHOP, and its defiant and entitled denizens have since walked all over her, making her look like a fool. Here's the miserable monument to her ineffectualness, according to local KING5: Seattle officials said barriers around the "Capitol Hill Organized Protest" zone (CHOP) would be dismantled on Sunday morning, but the scene remains intact as of Sunday night.  Durkan said last week that police will begin returning to the East Precinct in the CHOP, although a timeline wasn't provided.   Instead of gratefully viewing her as their friend, the invaders are now getting in her...(Read Full Post)
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