Shutting down CHOP: Seattle's leftist mayor now up to her keister in alligators

Where do liberals get the idea that if you just talk nicely to warlords, expropriators, pirates, and invaders, they'll do what you say?

That's the approach Seattle's Trump-hating mayor, Jenny Durkan, took, and she's about to learn the hard way how that works, except that she doesn't learn.

She called for the shutdown of CHOP, and its defiant and entitled denizens have since walked all over her, making her look like a fool.

Here's the miserable monument to her ineffectualness, according to local KING5:

Seattle officials said barriers around the "Capitol Hill Organized Protest" zone (CHOP) would be dismantled on Sunday morning, but the scene remains intact as of Sunday night. 

Durkan said last week that police will begin returning to the East Precinct in the CHOP, although a timeline wasn't provided.  

Instead of gratefully viewing her as their friend, the invaders are now getting in her face, taking their act to her personal doorstep:

Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant joined a large group of protesters outside the CHOP zone who marched to Durkan's house on Sunday afternoon.

One of the demonstrators said, "We came down to Jenny Durkan's mansion to bring the demands of the movement and of the families who have been impacted by police violence to her doorstep as she seems to not be able to hear our demands any other way."

This, to someone who's bent over backwards to accommodate them and explain away this invading army of Antifa Marxist and anarchist agitators to outsiders, despite their literally taking over six blocks of the Seattle, the city she was sworn to uphold and defend. 

Instead of sending the shock troops out for this band of thieves, pirates, and expropriators, led by a man who literally calls himself a "warlord," to scoop them up and sweep them out before they knew what hit them, she explained the whole expropriation away as a "summer of love" and a "block party atmosphere."  She offered them money.  She offered them praise. 

Remember this?

Instead of democracy, the properties were trashed, and the whole thing turned into a Liberia-like murder zone.  Police were blocked by warlords from so much as investigating even the dead bodies, and their mission of preventing new murders was out of the question.

Now she's got them at her doorstep, and they're more aggressive than ever. 

Here's her pathetic response:

Seattle has a long tradition of peaceful protest and advocacy for progressive change, and Mayor Durkan strongly supports those rights. Mayor Durkan will continue to listen to leaders in Seattle's Black community.  She is working hard to translate the calls for change into real, tangible systemic changes to policing and all the other systems needed for strong and healthy communities.  She has prioritized these as Mayor, with investments in housing, education, youth opportunity, and economic equity.  She proposes investing an additional $100 million into the Black community.

She also said that it was dangerous to publicize her address because of her past as a prosecutor, what with the death threats.  Maybe so, but that's exciting to the marauders, not a reproach that will persuade them to stay away.  She still doesn't quite get that when someone says he's a warlord, believe him.  Or that the CHOP doesn't have nice feelings about prosecuting criminals, which is derived from police activity, because, well, they are the criminals.

And she still doesn't get it. 

Now her options are extremely limited.  She can call out her SWAT troops, who might not be willing to risk their hides for her, given her history of backing down to the protesters at the expense of the cops.  She can call in President Trump to hose the hellhole out, which would be quite a dish of crow.  Or she can just sit there and hope the anarchists, pirates, marauders, and pillagers mean well, and only want a little more "dialogue," bringing the block party a little closer.

Whatever she does, it's a disaster for her.  Look for more foolish decisions from this, given her record of utterly stupid choices. 

Image credit: Derek Simeone via Flickr.

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