Secrets and Lies: Bolton's book 'revelations' ring phony to conservatives and enrage the lefties

Embittered former national security adviser John Bolton's big tell-all book, released just in time for elections, isn't impressing the right or even the left. For conservatives, it's a petty, vindictive list of claims about President Trump that are very likely untrue, based on what we know of the man and his policies. And for lefties, who are lapping up every Bolton word as God's gospel truth, the infuriated reaction is, "Why didn't you tell us sooner?" There's also a phony argument being raised in the press that the White House's bid to stop publication based on disclosure of classified information naturally contradicts the right's claim that Bolton is publishing lies.  If the White House is trying to stop publication, it all would have to be true, right?  Except that most of us know that long-form books can be a mixture of things. Bolton's wild claims about Trump stand out as...(Read Full Post)
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