Rioters have given Trump a landslide re-election victory

The recent turmoil that has gripped our nation in the form of riots, looting, arson, and other criminal acts is another reason why President Trump will be re-elected in a landslide.  When you look across our country and see masked marauders beating store-owners unmercifully because they were trying to save their businesses, and there are no cops in sight to protect them, you know that liberals are in charge in those places.

When you see news clips of rioters roaming through commercial districts in large cities, ripping down storefronts, pillaging the contents, and running off with flat-screen TVs on their shoulders, cases of liquor, and shopping baskets filled with high-priced sneakers, you might think you're watching a sci-fi flick depicting the end of civilization.  However, it's important to keep in mind that the violent behavior of those uncivilized thugs is being watched by hundreds of millions of civilized Americans who are seeing the results of liberal policies in those cities.  When hoodlums know that the city's leaders are on their side, why should they obey laws?

Undoubtedly, the liberal elected officials in those blue states refuse to take necessary action against the rioters because they view them as a large part of their voting bloc.  Does anyone with an I.Q. higher than a fire hydrant think any of those rioters will be voting for President Trump?  He, along with other strong Republican leaders, have been calling for the use of force to put the savages back in their cages.  Only morons believe that placating ferocious animals will make them stop attacking us.  As Winston Churchill said, "an appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last."

As for the tragic death of George Floyd at the knee of a brutal Minneapolis cop, justice will be done.  It's highly likely that officer Chauvin will be spending time in a prison cell for his sadistic display of brutality.  But let's get real about the reaction to his crime!  Suspending the law and allowing criminals free rein in our streets has absolutely nothing to do with justice for Floyd!  It's merely a get out of jail free card for every lowlife thug who generally preys upon the innocent under the cover of darkness but now has the chance to do it with impunity in broad daylight, with video cameras making a record of it for posterity.

The hysteria and mayhem that have resulted from this incident won't help the cause of civil rights.  Law-abiding folks of every race and nationality are repulsed by horrific scenes of violence and thievery by the lowest elements of society, and they don't want them in their neighborhoods.  Moreover, those white elitist virtue-signalers, when asked to do more than spout compassionate platitudes, such as, for example, inviting some inner-city residents to stay for a few weeks at their comfortable suburban homes, suddenly lose their voices.  You see, it's so much easier to simply mouth some empathetic words to make oneself feel like a caring individual than it is to risk one's family's safety with a quixotic act.

Incidentally, no matter how many times you state that Floyd's death was a despicable act by a brutal cop, the moment you say that doesn't excuse the vicious acts by roving bands of hoodlums, you're likely to be deemed a racist.  That's a tactic used by the radical left to control the dialogue, thereby destroying rational thought.  Leftist want you to believe that all those creatures, scurrying out of looted stores with arms full of purloined goods, are engaging in those larcenous pursuits because they're "frustrated."  Come November, voters will show their frustration with lawlessness by giving President Trump the largest re-election landslide in the history of this great Republic!

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.

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