Recognizing the left for what it is

The human mind is limited in its receiving capacity.  At some point, events occur that are beyond the capacity of the mind to process, and we become unable to "wrap our minds" around what we are seeing and experiencing.

We are living in such a time.  As we survey the current landscape, we have profound difficulties making sense of it all.  But if we are to meet the challenges we face and overcome them, we need to understand them as they are, not as we would like them to be.  "Know thine enemy," said the great ancient warrior Sun Tzu, and "in a hundred battles, you will never be defeated."

It's common to marvel at what "2020" has brought us.  Impeachment, pandemic, lockdowns, economic collapse, race riots, and it's only June.  But in reality, "2020" has not done this to us; people have.

It was partisan politicians who brought us impeachment, it was agenda-driven decision-making that forced us into our homes for weeks on end and caused the economy to collapse.  Indeed, the pandemic itself could've been avoided if people, namely government officials in China, had acted properly and responsibly.

Now we face a resurgence of racial discord culminating in public disorder, anarchy, and vicious riots.  It may be tempting to place the blame on a murderous cop and his supposed racial animus, but that too would be incorrect.

What we are experiencing now and what we have undergone throughout this year have been brought to us, lock, stock, and barrel, by the left.  That's all there is to it.  As is often the case, the truth is simple, albeit not easy to accept.  But accept it we must.

We must be willing to acknowledge the obvious truth staring us in the face.  That truth is that the left formerly known as "liberalism" does not exist any longer.  The left of honorable, if mistaken, patriots such as FDR, Harry Truman, Adlai Stevenson, JFK, RFK, Hubert Humphrey, Scoop Jackson, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, and even Bill Clinton is gone.  Dead and buried.

In its place, we have "Progressivism," the ideology of anarchists; the Weather Underground; Bill Ayers; Saul Alinsky; and ultimately Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin. This is not an exaggeration, nor is it a vision of the future.  It is here, with us, asserting itself and taking over, right now.  One need go no farther than comparing the Democrat party platform ten years ago to their platform today.  There is no Democrat politician who's been in office for more than ten years who hasn't had to repudiate most of his previous positions, including policies he proudly ran on for decades.  The left is no longer the loyal opposition, it is the enemy.  There is no longer that shared background and bedrock of principles that once caused Ronald Reagan to have drinks with Tip O'Neill.  If war was once politics by other means, we now have a politics that is war by other means.

When we have the first non-peaceful transfer of power in U.S. history, that is war.  When Big Tech and the media openly and brazenly lie, cheat, and manipulate to "cancel" and censor those they disagree with, that is war.  When we have an unprecedented, completely partisan impeachment over a phone call, while an attempted coup is actively covered up and ignored, that is war.  When we face a pandemic and decisions are made based on ideology, not science, that is war.  When the greatest economy the world has ever known is wrecked based on demonstrably false models while labeling any and all dissenters as mass murderers and "Grandma-killers," that is war.  When a universally condemned, brutal killing by a cop is evidence of "systemic racism" and halts society in its tracks, that is war.  When practitioners of religion and family members visiting dying loved ones are deemed killers while thousands gathering in protest are sacrosanct, that is war.  When a society that has struggled mightily, with demonstrable success, at overcoming racial discord is smeared and libeled as irredeemably racist and deplorable, that is war.  When a top general and former secretary of defense publicly slanders the president of the United States for trying to protect innocent people from violence and murder, to widespread acclaim, that is war.  When a reasoned, evidence-based op-ed by a sitting United States senator is deemed unworthy of publication by the same newspaper that has published screeds by terrorists, dictators, and mass murderers, that is war.

A hot war, a civil war?  No, not yet, and God help us all if it comes to that, because that will mean the end of Western civilization and a return to the Dark Ages at best.  But we need to fight the political and cultural war we are in lest we bring upon ourselves that horrible outcome.

To fight this war, we need to be clear-eyed about all of the above. We need to overcome our natural optimism, the hallmark of the American experiment, and face facts; namely that the "liberal left" we once knew is gone, never to return. In its place are people and an ideology who want us dead or politically subservient and incapacitated. We must fully understand that the left is a lost cause who cannot be reasoned with and will respond to all attempts at persuasion with contempt, willing ignorance and verbal and physical violence.

Therefore, we must turn inward. We must build ourselves up while completely ignoring and disregarding the existence of the left. We must create our own narratives while completely shrugging off the left's fantasy tales; we must build our own institutions and organizations while not participating in any forum that is run by the left. We must disengage totally from futile efforts at compromise and accommodation and we must fight to win. Our elected officials must be willing to act as if the left does not exist; to ignore the shrieks and hysteria sent their way by their "colleagues" in public office, and to do what's right to save this great republic.

All is not yet lost and we are buoyed by the fact that God has a special providence for the United States of America. Disengaging from, and eventually defeating, the left, will take time, money, patience and sacrifice, but it is worth it, we are worth it, and the world is owed the continued existence and greatness of God's gift to humanity, the United States of America.

Image credit: Wikipedia, public domain.

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