Rayshard Brooks was a menace to society

In a rush for Fulton County district attorney Paul Howard to distract from the investigation of his own wrongdoings regarding a missing $140,000, Howard quickly charged former police officer Garrett Rolfe with eleven felonies before an investigation could be properly done into a police shooting.  Not only is Howard under investigation, but he is in a hotly contested primary in August.  Howard did not take the case to the Grand Jury and, in an apparent political move, immediately charged Rolfe.

On June 12, 2020, Rayshard Brooks, 27, fought with two police officers and grabbed one of their taser guns.  As he ran away, he turned to try to shoot Rolfe, and Rolfe shot him in self-defense.  Brooks had, among other things, four previous charges of obstructing a police officer, cruelty to children, and domestic violence.

It made no sense why Brooks would fight the police until you look at his criminal history.  The following are interactions he had with law enforcement. 

On 08/22/2016, he was sentenced to twelve months in jail and to three years' probation on each of the five felony counts, which were to be served concurrently.  On 12/20/2018, an arrest warrant was issued for him regarding his last arrest.

The police were called when Brooks was drunk and fell asleep in his car, blocking traffic at a drive-through restaurant.  Being drunk would have been another probation violation.  If he had been arrested, he could have been sent back to jail.  The following are all recorded in Georgia courts.

10/22/2010           Obstruction of Officer 

10/10/2010           Obstruction of Officer 

01/19/2011           Battery Family Violence 

03/15/2011           Battery Family Violence 

11/18/2011           Receiving Stolen Property

01/12/2012           Possession of Marijuana 

01/12/2012           Possession of Marijuana 

01/12/2012           Weapon Possession 

04/12/2012           Possession of Marijuana 

03/02/2013           Receiving Stolen Property

03/02/2013           Criminal Interference with Govt. Property

03/02/2013           Obstruction of Law Enforcement Officer

03/03/2013           False Imprisonment 

03/03/2013           Obstructing an Officer 

03/03/2013           Felony Cruelty 

03/03/2013           Receiving Stolen Property 

02/31/2014           Simple Battery 

03/31/2014           Cruelty to Children 

03/31/2014           False Imprisonment  

03/31/2014           Family Violence Battery 

05/22/2014           Simple Battery Family Violence 

05/22/2014           Obstruction Officer 

05/30/2014           Felony Cruelty 

12/14/2014           Criminal Interference with Govt. Property

10/30/2015           Theft by Taking 

03/03/2016           Taking by Theft 

07/13/2016           Theft of Financial Transaction (5 counts)

It appears that Rolfe was railroaded while the district attorney uses him to try to save his job.

Susan Daniels has been a licensed private investigator in Ohio for twenty-seven years.  She uncovered the stolen Connecticut social security number that Barack Obama has used for the past thirty years.