Official Dem Twitter account claims Trump's Independence Day celebration at Mt. Rushmore 'glorifying white supremacy'

The Democrats are intoxicated with their own racism rhetoric, endlessly repeated by their propaganda arm, the mainstream media, and enforced by the mobs that threaten any dissenters with physical harm.  They have no fear of letting it all hang out because the media and the mob offer no negative feedback.  They have a political analogue to the medical condition called congenital analgesia, where a person can feel no pain and is therefore dangerously vulnerable to suffering harm, unaware of the danger. That is the only possible explanation for the following tweet demonizing Independence Day, sent out by their official Twitter account, @The Democrats: Screen grab via Instapundit. The tweet appears as a screen grab because someone at "The Democrats" with a triple-digit I.Q. figured out that calling our beloved national birthday party a glorification of white supremacy insults an awful lot of people, including many non-whites who have just been told...(Read Full Post)
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