Obama plays president again, not about to let this crisis go to waste

Is Obama the thing that wouldn't go away? 

Looks like it, because he's popped out of the woodwork again, this time to blame President Trump, racism, "a long history," and "structural problems" for the Antifa riots and lootings gripping the nation's blue cities.  He's out to "make America live up to its highest ideals."  The crazed riots, see, aren't the work of one bad cop with the public employee union that protected him 18 times earlier, who's now going to jail; they're America's fault.  When a shop window gets trashed, it's not the doing of a looting thug looking for a Rolex; it's America's fault, because America is a racist place. 

He's trying to pretend to be president again for old time's sake — or more accurately, to never let a crisis go to waste.

Wasn't he the president on whose watch the Baltimore and Ferguson riots broke out and expanded?  In his latest speech, he spoke of being Mr. Racial Healer on account of the "commission" when he was president.  Commissions, see, are what get the job done; just let the experts speak, and do everything they say.  As if the coronavirus crisis taught us the value of experts and science. 

Instapundit has an observation:

Screenshot, Instapundit.

Not only is it obnoxious to see this bounder forget he's no longer president, but it's also problematic because of his divisiveness on race relations, despite his claims to the contrary.

He's also fundamentally misreading the situation.

He's using this crisis to blame America first for the riots as a matter of rampant racism in society, instead of the rioters and looters, whom he condemns not once.  As Instapundit points out, maybe that's related to the fact that Obama's former staffers have been bailing out looters, releasing them to commit more 

But more to the point, he's claiming that America is a racist place, and there's a segment of the public that agrees with the cop who killed George Floyd.  There isn't.  That merely supports the looters' narrative and gives them permission to go looting.  It also exonerates the Hollywood chi chi crowd and the press, which have been egging the criminals on.  For Obama, that's what political gain looks like.  He is doing what he always does with this disgraceful appearance — attempting to amass political gain by declaring himself Mr. Healer, accusing half the country of racism.

That's never letting a crisis go to waste.  It's a bad look in times like these.

Image credit: YouTube screen shot.

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