Obama admits it: Riots and protests are 'tailor-made' for electing Joe Biden

Joe Biden is hiding in his basement, but maybe that's because the rabid-left looters, rioters, and protesters are carrying out his presidential campaign just fine for him.

What else can be concluded but that, given that President Obama has cynically admitted that the civil unrest covering the U.S. is "tailor-made" for electing Joe Biden?

Here's a report from National Review:

Former President Barack Obama told aides this month that the nationwide protests following the death of George Floyd are "a tailor-made moment" to help his former vice president Joe Biden defeat Donald Trump in November.

According to a New York Times story based on interviews with more than 50 Obama confidants, the former president was made anxious after riots and looting rocked many American cities in the days following Floyd's death and Trump began trumpeting "law and order" in response.

"Let's not excuse violence, or rationalize it, or participate in it. If we want our criminal justice system, and American society at large, to operate on a higher ethical code, then we have to model that code ourselves," Obama wrote in a Medium post earlier this month.

But Obama's confidence has since grown as the protests have continued and Trump's polling numbers have dipped

So in other words, more riots, more votes for Biden.  Perhaps the idea is to beat the public down to such an extent that it feels that only a Democrat can solve it.  Perhaps he sees in the polls that the public is blaming Trump.

The New York Times reported just a couple days ago that Obama is obsessed with ousting President Trump.  That being the case, it's not unlikely that he will continue with his old Alinsky training, to oust Trump by any means necessary.

If riots will do it, Obama and his Democrats will be happy with more riots.  Even the New York Times admitted that the riots excited him:

That calculus, though, may be changing in the wake of George Floyd's killing by the police in Minneapolis. As America's first black president, now its first black ex-president, Mr. Obama sees the current social and racial awakening as an opportunity to elevate a 2020 election dictated by Mr. Trump's mud-wrestling style into something more meaningful — to channel a new, youthful movement toward a political aim, as he did in 2008.

Opportunity?  Elevate?  That sounds a lot like "tailor-made."

This ought to be a wake-up call to voters, who are the only ones who can stop this cynical, diabolical plan on property-owners.  Obama has a stake and interest in perpetrating riots and lootings, regardless of the cost to the little guy, because it advances his political aims.  That's in characters, from the words of his former chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, to "never let a crisis go to waste."

It's also amazingly cynical, given that nobody should be rooting for rioters as a means of benefiting politically.  Yet here we are, and Obama is being lionized.  It calls to mind that the Obama legacy can't be hosed out soon enough by Trump in his second term. 

Image credit: Drummkopf via Flickr.

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