MSNBC poised to give the weekday PM time slot of Chris Matthews to hateful Joy Reid

MSNBC must believe that there’s not enough racial hatred in the country if the many media reports about it handing a plum time slot to Joy Reid are true. Joe Concha reports in The Hill: MSNBC weekend host Joy Reid is reportedly in line to take the 7 p.m. weekday slot formerly filled by Chris Matthews, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal. MSNBC's 7 p.m. slot has been occupied by a series of rotating hosts for the past three months. Reid has been seen as the front-runner for the job since Matthews departed as her star power continues to rise on the progressive network, with a social media following that has risen to 1.7 million followers. (snip) Reid currently hosts "AM Joy" which runs weekend on the network, but she also frequently pops up as a guest host or for appearances on MSNBC throughout the week.  Reid’s weekend show has been a venue for race hatred and lunatic conspiracy theories. Less than 3...(Read Full Post)
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