Media will do absolutely anything to keep Trump from being re-elected

There is an article floating about on the internet titled "ALL Republicans and conservatives should refuse to speak to anyone at the NY Times."

This article was written in response to the management of the paper apologizing for publishing an opinion piece by a conservative member of Congress and in response to several of their so-called journalists kvetching to the publisher about this non-liberal, non-Democrat op-ed.  The publisher, who has forever promoted the virtues of a diversity of opinions in his newspaper, also promised henceforth to limit the number of opinions (not written in house) appearing in the paper.

This is how it goes in the world of liberalism: they promote an idea, and when they catch flack, rather than defending, they scurry away with their tails between their legs.  They dare not allow their readers or viewers (in the case of CNN, MSNBC, or the liberal broadcast networks) to see commonsense opinions.  They cannot chance their audience to come upon news that they believe it should not see.  Censorship is the correct term for what they do.  Ask yourself how many and how often opposing voices are allowed on the above referenced TV channels.  They number almost none.  These folks are content in controlling what you are allowed to know — you know, like happens in communist and socialist countries.

The New York Times is the bible of that same leftist media that wanted riots and to see America burn.  They set about angering blacks and raising the temperature to the point that these rioters could no longer contain themselves.  The media brought looting, burning, and killing to every Democrat-controlled city.  They got exactly what they set about to accomplish: they destroyed more black neighborhoods...again.  Just like last time, every time.  And the media are not content yet.

Now, once again, inner-city neighborhoods have been devastated; they resemble war zones, just as the media wanted.  Stores needed by citizens to buy groceries, medicine, clothes, and other necessities have been looted and destroyed, and many will never venture to transact business in these hellholes again.  These rioters, incapable of thinking of the consequences, took their cues from the American media, on cable channels and in liberal newspapers, none of which cautioned these rioting criminals about the severe, long-term consequences for their lives in the aftermath.

As the news media filled impressionable heads with the go-ahead to pillage and burn their own nests and those of fellow Americans, they also immediately turned their attention to pushing the blame for the killing of a black man by a white policeman (and indeed everything wrong in black America) onto the president of the United States!

It is no longer out of line, nor a conspiracy theory, to understand that this was done to damage the president in the eyes of all Americans, but especially black voters, many of whom have begun to think for themselves in terms of which party may best look out for their interests.  Many likely remember Candidate Donald Trump admonishing them when it came to voting for him: "What the hell do you have to lose?"  This is that very same media establishment that has spent all of the past three-plus years lying about the president in every aspect possible, from refusing to report positive occurrences to making up and promoting outright lies about him.  Ninety-five percent of the words they have uttered about the president have been negative.  Not one journalist has admitted being ashamed of their biased and vicious "news reporting."  

So it is absolutely no stretch to understand that this same media establishment, comprising of about 95% Democrats, all of whom have shown by their words and deeds to be part of the Democrat resistance (as they proudly call themselves) would start and blame the conflagration and killing on actions and words of their arch political enemy, President Donald Trump.  For the last three and a half years, they have tried, without success, to blame him for everything they could conjure up in their fetid minds.

Remember, we are five months from the next presidential election.  After the stunts the Democrats and their media arm have unleashed on this nation since 2016, there should be nothing that will surprise anyone that these vicious media types would do now, including, rioting, burning, and killing, to see to it that the president they admit to hating is not re-elected.

Image: Adam Jones via Flickr (cropped).