Media try to hide Trump's success in Georgia's primary

More evidence of our garbage media: Try to find Trump's vote totals in Georgia's primary election.  It's not easy.  Most sites (The New York Times, local NBC media in Ga., etc.) are  showing totals only for the Democrat primary.  Here's (probably) why: according to Newsweek, running unopposed, Trump has 140K more votes than Biden (~770k to ~560k) and more votes than all Democrat candidates combined.  This is in spite of the fact that, with a statewide U.S. Senate primary (to challenge GOP senator David Perdue), Democrats had more to turn out for.

What's more, Trump's lead will probably grow as more votes are counted.  Additionally, according to Newsweek, "[t]he president also outperformed former President Barack Obama's vote totals from the 2012 Georgia primary.  Obama was running unopposed in the state and got 139,273 votes, over 500,000 fewer votes than Trump has received thus far."  Just yesterday, the N.Y. Times was asking (hoping), "Is This the Year GA Flips?"  It doesn't look like it! 

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