Mandatory Groupthink: Dare to deviate from leftist orthodoxy and be damned

The stories of people in high office, or any office or job, being fired or forced to resign for past breaches of the prescribed dogma are multiplying by the day.

Even the editor of the food and cooking magazine, Bon Appétit, Adam Rapoport, had to resign after his wife posted a seven-year-old photo of herself and her husband dressed as Puerto Ricans for a Halloween party, wearing "brownface" makeup.  That was it; he was out.

A Serbian soccer player, Aleksandar Katai, has been fired because his wife posted something in Serbian that was deemed critical of Black Lives Matter.

Stan Wischnowski, 20-year editor at the Philadelphia Inquirer, was fired for a headline: Buildings Matter Too!  This was considered an offensive mockery of Black Lives Matter.

James Bennet, the op-ed editor at the New York Times, was forced to resign after staff complained about his approving of an op-ed by Rep. Tom Cotton supporting the use of our military if needed to quell riots and looting.  A majority of Americans agree with the senator, but it was a serious transgression at the NYT that has from the moment Trump was elected vowed to dedicate their every published word to his destruction.

A woman called radio host Dennis Prager to report that a woman she knew was called on the carpet by her boss for not posting support for BLM on any social media.  Her silence was a crime.

America has drifted into very dangerous territory. The First Amendment is seriously under attack with the wholesale approval of the Democrat party. The party of JFK is now the party of Antifa, Black Lives Matter and the ignorant moonbattery of AOC and her Muslim gal pals Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has become something of a joke who has entered Biden’s realm of fast-approaching dementia. Her photo-op stunt of kneeling for nine minutes in honor of George Floyd draped with kente cloth was a ridiculous bit of bad political theater. Kira Davis called it “political blackface.” They did this after excoriating President Trump for walking to St. James Church that had been set on fire by rioters, bible in hand. They called that a photo-op, but it was clearly done to draw attention to the senseless destruction that had occurred. 

Every corporation, large and small, every restaurant chain, every media outlet and anchor is twisting into a pretzel, vowing unctuous servility to what is perhaps just a DNC money-laundering scheme.  It appears that contributions to BLM go directly to the DNC.

Know that BLM is not what it appears to be.  It is a Marxist-Leninist organization but in a way truly antithetical to the values of America that most of us hold dear.  David Horowitz explains it all in a must-read column about the group.  It is dangerous, as is its sister domestic terrorist organization, Antifa.  It is the committed members of these two groups who are bent upon restricting speech to Orwellian lengths and forcing the American people to submit to their crippling demands.  Tragically, it seems they are winning.

When we see our National Guard and some members of our police kneeling to appease these thugs, we should realize that we are in the U.S. is in grave danger.  There was even a scene in which white people can be seen washing the feet of BLM leaders!  How submissive is that?  It is a catastrophic show of utter weakness to the comic delight of the gangsters running the show.

There is nothing like demonstrating this craven level of surrender to embolden thugs and criminals everywhere. Defunding and/or disbanding our police across the country will cause more death and destruction, especially in the communities that depend on police protection the most. 

Millions of Americans have begun to restrict their own speech so as not to offend the portion of our society that loathes this country as founded.  They are thoroughly self-righteous in their drive to force the rest of us to comply with their Maoist demands – obey or die.

Sadly, the Republicans in Congress are as submissive as the converts to BLM-ism.  Few to none of them have the courage to scream that the emperor has no clothes.  Like the scared rabbits they are, they too fear the vicious backlash BLM and Antifa can orchestrate on social media, CNN and MSNBC.

It was ever thus.  Democrats fight dirty to the bitter end while Republicans always play by the Marquess of Queensberry rules — which always means they lose.  Consider the young people who are politically conservative; if they reveal their conservatism, they will be publicly vilified on social media, they will not get the job they hope for, they might very well be beaten up if displaying support for Trump, especially if on a college campus.  They will be mocked and derided by their professors.

There are virtually no conservatives teaching at 98% of American colleges. Hillsdale and Grove City are two rare exceptions.

The rest are a monolith, professors are all tenured radicals who were schooled by the Weather Underground, SDS, the Black Panthers, and all the equally intolerant fascist groups that followed in their footsteps. Today they are Antifa, Occupy Wall Street, and Black Lives Matter. They are all driven by the same mindless but carefully inculcated hatred for America. What has changed is the government’s and society’s capitulation to these current incarnations. The Founders are likely turning over in their graves at what is effectively the shredding of our Constitution.

The left has used COVID-19 to halt freedom of speech and freedom of religion; to assemble is permitted if it is to protest, but not to go to church. Social distancing was mandatory until protesting the appalling death of George Floyd made social gathering something to encourage. The cluelessness of our so-called “experts” is as frustrating as the blatant hypocrisy of the left and the media. It is very likely that the lockdown was just the next to the last ploy to prevent Trump’s re-election.

The violent riots are the current grand design that was waiting for a spark that set them off. The death of George Floyd ignited that spark so cruelly provided by Derek Cauvin. It fit their narrative, unlike this from Dr. Tyrone Wilson. He has had 67 young black men end up on his operating table and not one of them were shot by police or a white person. BLM does not give a nod to or even acknowledge those deaths of young black men let alone the hundreds of deaths that occur in Chicago every weekend. 

So those of us who choose to be willing dupes of the cult of victimhood the left has preached to the young of all races for decades now can virtue-signal themselves to dystopia for that is what they are promoting.

But given the millions and millions of dollars of destruction done to cities across the nation last week, many, many more of us, especially the oh-so-silent Republicans had better find a voice and begin speaking up and put an end to this absurd attempt to remake America into a third-world failed state because that is where this bunch of hoodlums are taking us. This crazed radical left cannot be allowed to censor us, to abrogate the First Amendment, let alone all the others they hope to render irrelevant. The consequences of riots reverberate for years and years.

Stephen Moore wrote a short and to-the-point column about “The Clear Differences Between the Left and Right.” He is exactly right but David Solway has written the definitive column on that difference: the left embraces a fantasy, what they want to be true, while the right has a grasp on reality. It is a must-read. The left simply cannot accept any truth that is in opposition to what they’ve committed their persona to; they are defined by their ideology, by their leftism and so certain of the moral supremacy of their ideology they feel absolutely justified in demanding we submit to their “looking-glass world.” We find ourselves at a crossroads, a predicament. Ronald Reagan said it best with his oft-repeated quote: “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We did not pass it to our children in our bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”

It is time for those of us who revere this nation to stop conceding defeat to the thought police and begin shouting NO!

Image credit: L Wikimedia Commons, public domain.

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