Stunning explosion of cheers from Iran and China dissidents over booting of Obama holdovers at Voice of America

President Trump was happy as heck at the news that Michael Pack, his choice for new director at the Voice of America, finally got confirmed by the Senate.  It came as a sort of miracle, given the dirty, protracted battle from the Deep State's Obama holdovers to keep him out.  It was so underhanded that it involved a last-ditch Kavanaugh-style bid to smear Pack as corrupt if for nothing else than to delay his Senate confirmation to eternity.  It was the Deep State at its worst, and it failed.  Now, what's probably the last solid Obama bastion of Deep State government has toppled. Congratulations to Michael Pack! Nobody has any idea what a big victory this is for America. Why? Because he is going to be running the VOICE OF AMERICA (@VOANews), and everything associated with it... — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 4, 2020 ...Michael is Tough, Smart, and Loves our Country. This has...(Read Full Post)
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