Stunning explosion of cheers from Iran and China dissidents over booting of Obama holdovers at Voice of America

President Trump was happy as heck at the news that Michael Pack, his choice for new director at the Voice of America, finally got confirmed by the Senate.  It came as a sort of miracle, given the dirty, protracted battle from the Deep State's Obama holdovers to keep him out.  It was so underhanded that it involved a last-ditch Kavanaugh-style bid to smear Pack as corrupt if for nothing else than to delay his Senate confirmation to eternity.  It was the Deep State at its worst, and it failed.  Now, what's probably the last solid Obama bastion of Deep State government has toppled.

Here's how the left is taking it in case you need to know:

But if you want to know who's howlingly happy about this, maybe even happier than Trump, take a look at what the battered democratic freedom fighters in hellholes like China and Iran are saying about news of this U.S. government agency's change of leadership.

Who knew that was going on?  Who knew that the reaction would be this intense?  I barely scratched the surface in these tweets compared to all that is out there.  It's an absolute fire hose of cheer from the people who have to listen to Voice of America's output and conveyed just how bad the whole thing has been up 'til now.  It's likely the sentiment on the ground.  Dissidents, after all, need radio stations and look up to America.  Imagine doing that and all you get is mullah propaganda.  The bottom line, based on these tweets, is that something went very wrong at VOA.  To have this many dissidents tweet this way is a huge unreported story. 

That's a bad look for the U.S., whose state news agency is supposed to be a valuable policy tool for the administration, driving home what U.S. officials are trying to enact.  Instead of mullah propaganda or Chicom spin, the VOA needs to be broadcasting news of sanctions on kleptocratic dictators, U.S military maneuvers, American triumphs of science, exposés of Swiss bank accounts of dictators, and indicators of dictator weakness, such as anti-mullah bread strikes in Iran.  Instead of encouraging the world's dissidents, the VOA is broadcasting dictator propaganda like a demon-possessed rag doll, succoring the tyrants, making them rub their hands together with glee at Big Gringo's stupidity.

That might be because most leftist VOA minions hate Trump and wish to undermine him abroad.  It also might be, as the dissidents charge, because the agency is infiltrated by spies.  We all know how well the Obama administration vetted its hires.  It wouldn't be surprising if it were both.  It's very likely that this problem extends well beyond China and Iran.  At a minimum, it's reason to look closely and clean house.

Here's an arguably even bigger problem: look at the crap they're broadcasting about America itself to these hellholes.  This is the news the mullahs and Chicoms are smiling to read:

That's a disturbing story about the breakdown of U.S. military discipline — from a mid-level officer, no less — that implicitly sends aN encouraging message to America's enemies.

Of all the protest stories out there, this is the one they choose to publish?  This is the kind of stuff R.T. should be expected to broadcast, creating as it does uncertainty about American military loyalty and prowess.

What does this entire picture say about the decision-making at that particular agency?  It's as if President Obama never left.  And sure enough, his minions hadn't, at least until this news, which should force a lot of bootings of Obama holdovers.  They were supposed to go, and they refused to go, and up until now, they got away with it.  They spiked stories exonerating President Trump on Ukraine; they broadcast mullah propaganda; and they published the party line from China on the coronavirus crisis, right there repeating the Chicom lies.

One can only hope that Pack will clean this Augean stable of leftism, brought on by hiring backwash from news agency layoffs, and this kind of anti-American propaganda will finally stop.  The Voice of America is not an ordinary anti-American news outlet, same as the others, but a policy tool for America's leadership to get America's message across.  News of sanctions, warnings to dictators, projections of military strength, and anything that makes a dictator hellhole look weak or venal or thieving — anything that will undercut a dictator so that military force doesn't have to be used, has got to be on the agenda.  It's not.  The VOA as it is is like the United Nations, a landing pad for losers based on its high salaries, a seemingly useless vehicle that draws anti-Americans into its interior to exert leftist soft power to undercut America.

It's got to stop, and now there's a chance it will, with the welcome news of the arrival of Pack, who's got a heckuva cleanup job.  One can only wish the agency well now that some serious leadership has been placed at that out-of-control agency.  America's taxpayers can now finally get the agency they paid for. 

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