Lefty Seattle mayor moves to shut down CHOP, blames everyone but herself

So much for the "block party atmosphere."  So much for the "summer of love." Summer hadn't even started on the calendar when Seattle's Mayor Jenny Durkan was forced to shut down the whole dumpster fire of lawlessness in the heart of her city down. She praised it and praised it — and somehow never guessed that a police-free zone might just be an attractive place for criminals. After turning six blocks of prime downtown land to armed warlords who chased out an entire police station and then set up their own "autonomous zone," they did the predictable, turning the area into a hellhole, and the bodies piled up. Durkan now is attempting to wipe the egg off her face after bona fide killings in the abdicated area, known as "CHOP," got to be too much.  She made a windy speech recorded by Q13Fox News, calling it an "update" rather than a...(Read Full Post)
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