Lefty Seattle mayor moves to shut down CHOP, blames everyone but herself

So much for the "block party atmosphere."  So much for the "summer of love."

Summer hadn't even started on the calendar when Seattle's Mayor Jenny Durkan was forced to shut down the whole dumpster fire of lawlessness in the heart of her city down.

She praised it and praised it — and somehow never guessed that a police-free zone might just be an attractive place for criminals.

After turning six blocks of prime downtown land to armed warlords who chased out an entire police station and then set up their own "autonomous zone," they did the predictable, turning the area into a hellhole, and the bodies piled up.

Durkan now is attempting to wipe the egg off her face after bona fide killings in the abdicated area, known as "CHOP," got to be too much. 

She made a windy speech recorded by Q13Fox News, calling it an "update" rather than a boob's desperate U-turn.

"Uh, today, the chief and I wanted to share some of what we're doing in Seattle to lead the nation in re-imagining public safety," she began.

Lead?  That's some leading, turning a chunk of the city over to marauders and then watching them maraud until the murders started piling up.

She made no mention of the line that got her lots of applause from the peanut gallery just ten days earlier:

It was to be "a block party atmosphere," a "summer of love," as she told the press at the time.

Instead, it was Liberia, and now she's obviously hearing from someone, enough to be forced to shut the whole thing down.

But blame herself?  Not on your life.  Here are a few choice snippets from the things she decided to blame instead, emphasis mine:

... increasingly difficult circumstances for our businesses and residents. Most of them supported protestors right to gather at the outset. They stand with them in solidarity. But the impacts have increased, and the safety has decreased.

See, it was the residents who were to blame, not her.  She just went along for the ride.

There was also understatement, as if she were some concerned Karen 3,000 miles away reading about it in the news:

... that escalatimg violence concerns me.

And mind-numbing platitudes:

No violence is acceptable.

As for the murders, which happened on their watch, they weren't really the work of these marauders who pirated city property; they were the abstract problem of "gun violence," a lefty hobbyhorse of yore.

... tragically lost his life to gun violence.

If there were stabbings, she's be up a crik, but "gun violence" pretty well gives her the booby prize of calls for gun control.  No word on the rapes, lootings, robberies, and property damage that made the place unliveable.  Just guns.  Gun violence.  Someone take away the guns, and all will be happy.  Her "tragically" claim is rich, too, given that the death was preventable. 

Then she went back to blaming others: "It's a violent time in our nation," she chirruped, citing bigger killing totals in the blue cities of Charlotte, Minneapolis, Chicago, and New Orleans. 

Then a nod to blame:

Seattle demands that I do better, the chief do better, and that we do better, and we agree...we must do better.

Notice she shares the blame with the cops, who don't seem to be willing collaborators.  Collectivizing the guilt, right?

As for confronting the disaster she wrought, she went back to blaming the guns for the violence, and said it was mainly a distraction:

[T]he gun violence unfolding at night is not only wrong it also is undermining and distracting the message for change that we are hearing at so many peaceful protests.

This won't make the families of the victims any too happy.

Then she lays out her plan of action, which is basically to say, the next time a warlord sprays a public park, call a social worker.

[W]e are working with the community to bring this to an end ... we need to disrupt the cycle of violence ... de-escalate and move people to services...we are engaging those partners now[.]

And her prospects for success?

"I am hopeful that these organizations will convince these people to leave."

This sounds like a real winner.  Here's her big "or else" if the social workers can't quite persuade the thugs: "addtional steps to ensure community safety" and "we cannot let acts of violence define this movement for change."

After that, she collectivized the guilt some more with a long stream of babble about "institutional racism," not mentioning that Seattle has been run by Democrats for decades. 

Anything but blame herself.

She proffered lots of pork to community organizers, and "investment in black and marginalized communities, plus free college and transit passes for students and lots of other Democratic hobbyhorses, all to 're-think and reimagine policing." 

It's a stupid plan for a stupid initial decision.  It won't work any more than flattering the thug takeover as a "summer of love."

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