Kamala #HeelsUpHarris ascends to the top of the Biden VP list: What could go wrong?

The trends on Twitter are in and Kamala Harris has risen to the top of Joe Biden's heap for vice presidential picks. Kamala Harris is trending today. Is it because people remember she laughed about locking up poor parents for their children's truancy? Or is it because she tried to cancel Joe Biden a few months ago based on his segregationist ties..? #VA10https://t.co/sgREpCn0qh — Jeffery A Dove Jr. (@JefferyADoveJr) June 19, 2020 Some random responses, none good: Weird that "I'm white and I want Kamala Harris for VP" is trending. Never seen millions of white people want a cop in power before. pic.twitter.com/5xETBkrarA — Shane (@airshanemode) June 19, 2020 So wait, Joe Biden put together a crime bill that specifically targeted Black male citizens and Kamala Harris made sure those same people did extra time in jail? And now they want to run together on the Democratic ticket for POTUS? If Black Lives Matter THIS will...(Read Full Post)
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